Great Christmas Gifts for Gamers


With Christmas just around the corner, now is a good time to start planning your Christmas shopping list. Yes, you could get your gaming friends and relatives a cozy pair of socks to keep their feet warm during three-day gaming marathons, but there are lots of other, more exciting, gifts available for gaming enthusiasts. So if your loved one or friend is heavily into gaming, here are a few helpful suggestions. Some are more expensive than others, but it’s your call on how much you decide to spend!

The Latest Game

One thing gamers love above all else is a copy of the latest best-selling game. Naturally, with the festive season imminent, big name manufacturers have released some top titles in recent weeks, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Halo 5. But in the event your gamer hasn’t specified what they want, or already has more games than they can shake a stick at, here are a few other ideas to help you turn Christmas into a gaming paradise.

Gaming Keyboard

All-night gaming marathons are often spent in the gloom of a bedroom, with the lights low to aid total game immersion. It is at times like this you need a specially designed keyboard with low lighting and the latest bleeding-edge technology. Backlighting means a gamer never has to hit the wrong key when battling zombies or fantastical creatures. It also means they don’t have to disturb you if you share a room with them.

Gaming Headphones

Gaming is so much more fun with noise-cancelling headsets. Regular headphones just won’t do, so look for superior headsets with extra padding on the ear pieces, wireless technology, personalized audio calibration, and an enhanced digital microphone. And if you can find a headset in cool colors, even better.

Minecraft Ore Block

Minecraft is everyone’s favorite game and with so many Minecraft servers to explore, it is not surprising that kids of all ages (and adults) are addicted to the crazy world of Minecraft. So if your gamer is a Minecraft addict, why not buy them a light-up Minecraft redstone ore block? They can put it anywhere, but it makes a perfect night light for a child’s bedroom.

PlayStation TV

Christmas is a time when the TV schedules are full of sloppy romantic movies with a Christmas theme, but if you can’t face a yuletide battle over who gets control of the TV, a Sony PlayStation TV is a great choice. It plugs into a second television and streams PS4 games from a games console on the same network. You can’t lose with this as a gift!

Pixel Heart Mug

As stocking fillers go, this one takes some beating. Fill up the mug with a hot beverage and the pixelated 8-bit heart turns red, drink up and the heart gradually fades back to black. The fading heart could be an insightful glimpse into the mind of a gamer at the end of a tough levelling up campaign, or it could just be a cool effect. Either way they will love it.

Caffeinated Shower Soap

If your gamer is the type who stays up late fighting villains and vanquishing demons, a bar of caffeinated soap for the shower will be just the ticket. Each bar contains 200 milligrams of caffeine for a healthy jolt of energy on mornings when they have to arise early for school, college or work.

PlayStation Earrings

Girly gaming geeks will love these PlayStation earrings. Each earring is modelled on a PlayStation button, so the wearer can pretend they are a games console. How cool is that?

Ultimate Computer Station

If money is no object, the gamer in your life simply must have this in their Christmas stocking. The ultimate games station is a one-stop shop for gaming. It includes a super comfy gaming bullet-style chair, surround sound, multiple screens, touch screen controls, and even an air filtration system so nasty smells don’t have to interrupt the fully-immersive gaming experience. It really does not get any better than this totally awesome chair. Yes, this computer gaming station is horrifically expensive, but it’s so worth it.

Portal Cufflinks

For the more mature gamer who prefers not to look like a geek, buy them a set of portal cufflinks for it will rock their world. These cufflinks are super stylish, yet discreet enough to wear at even the most buttoned-down of work functions.

This is just a small selection of gift ideas for the avid gamer in your life. If none of them appeal, search online for there are plenty more to choose from.


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