Ladybug is a Superhero

There’s never been a better time for your child to love ladybugs. Almost every article of clothing can be found in ladybug print. There is an adorable series of books starring Ladybug Girl. If your child loves ladybugs and superheroes there is a television series about a teenage girl who with a secret identity: she’s a superhero named Ladybug.

My daughter has always loved ladybugs. While she does love ladybug merchandise, she has everything from ladybug dresses to ladybug boots, she loves the actual beetle. She’s always searching the trees in our backyard for ladybugs. I’m sure every ladybug that has ever made its way into our home came in on my daughter unintentionally or as a guest. The only reason I know so much about ladybugs is due to my daughter’s interest in the little aphid eaters.

When we found out there was a show about a superhero ladybug, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, we immediately assumed it was based on the children’s book series. At first we were disappointed, but not for long. The characters and plot of the two are only similar in the fact that the lead character is a girl that dresses up like a ladybug.

While the show does star a teenage girl, I don’t feel the content is not inappropriate for younger audiences. She does have typical teen problems and she does have a crush on a boy but they are both presented as typical and innocent issues. What I like is the heroes rely more on problem solving skills than superpowers. I also like the setting. The adventures take place in Paris and the animators have done a very good job at capturing the sites and feel of the city.

What I don’t really like about the show is the secondary focus on fashion. I’m not overtly opposed to fashion because I can see the artistic merits of fashion but the fashion world also has an ugly side that glorifies unrealistic body types and promotes superficiality as a method of creating elitism. Ladybug is quite thin but the show focuses on fashion as a creative pursuit.

In the end Ladybug is kind and thoughtful character just doing her best to make the world a safer place. The message of the show is positive and features a lot of innocent fun and entertaining action.



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