The Most Realistic Snoke Theory

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Kylo Ren said he is wise which has many fans convinced he is Darth Plagueis. Some believe he is Palpatine. Some The Inquisitor from Rebels. The most recent theory is Grand Moff Tarkin. Others believe him to be Vader. The craziest theory aside from Jar Jar Binks as evil Sith mastermind is Snoke is a clone of Luke Skywalker created from DNA found in Luke’s severed hand.

Why all these theories? Plain and simple, it’s fun to guess. It’s like gambling without any of the harmful effects. I love reading the theories and watching the fanboys on YouTube. It’s entertaining and some of them have put a lot of thought and research into their theories. When Snoke’s identity is finally revealed, we’ll know which theories were accurate and that person or group of people who guessed correctly will have that awesome, I KNEW IT moment and then they’ll begin theorizing about the next intentional plot hole that will keep us excited about the next instalment in the series.

The conspiracy crew wants everyone to shut up because they are afraid that if the fans guess the true identity of Snoke too early, Disney will then change the story in order to ensure the final reveal is a surprise to everyone. The Disney will change the plot theory doesn’t make sense to me. What if the change is detrimental to the overall story? I think Disney will do what is best for the franchise regardless of accurate or inaccurate theories. Besides, most moviegoers don’t pay attention to the hardcore fans because, well, they aren’t hardcore.

So now it’s my turn. I believe Snoke is a brand new character. Why? Mostly because the man who plays Snoke, Andy Serkis, said Snoke is new character. That’s really all the evidence we need.

Because I have the floor right now, I will go beyond Serkis’ statement to something I said earlier, most moviegoers are not hardcore Star Wars fans. Moviegoers want to be entertained, not educated. They don’t know who Plagueis is, nor do they care to learn all about him. They haven’t read the EU and likely won’t read any current, past, or future canon publications. Snoke isn’t a reboot of an old villain or a secret identity for an obscure villain because it would complicate the viewing experience for the average moviegoer and that would be bad for business.

Snoke’s character and backstory will be aptly explained in either the next episode or last of the newest trilogy. Canon novels and comics will be created for the details the hardcore fans crave and ultimately, Snoke will die like all the other villains before him. The End.




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