5 Best Keyring and Keychain Replacements (Plus 2 Bonuses)

I’m a planner. I look ahead at upcoming holidays, events, the next day’s schedule—you name it. I’m also not ashamed to admit that I probably need to carry a purse. No, not in a “fashiony” sort of way, but because I hate, nay, loathe being unprepared. This inevitably causes me to wind up carrying around more crap than I can comfortably. (I’m not sure I can pull off a fanny pack. Actually, I’m not sure anyone can pull off a fanny pack…)

Anyway, that said, I carry a lot of keys. Probably more than is necessary, but not by much. Because of this, my keyring(s) don’t fit well in my pocket, they are bulky, and they are heavy(ish). Problem is, I have to have them with me at all times.

Not long ago, Brandi (my wife, if you are new to reading me) showed me the best keyring and keychain replacement tool I’ve ever seen. I’m a “window shopping” gadget guy, not an early-adopter, but I like these to the point where I am going to put it on my “4 things for Christmas list” this year.

As I browsed the net this morning, however, I saw an ad for another style similar to the one I want to get. One thing led to another, I tried to find affiliate links for you, and Voila! I compiled a list of 5 of the best keyring and keychain replacements that you NEED to get for your loved ones and friends this year (plus a couple of bonus options.) These will make excellent Christmas, birthday, or just anytime gifts. I bet they will love them.

Here they are in an unordered list:


Orbitkey (http://www.orbitkey.com/) makes the second-best (in my humble opinion) keyring and keychain option in this list. They are based in Melbourne, Australia. According to their about page, they designed their keyrings out of hate for “rattling” keys. They also found current keyrings lacking.

The Orbit Keyring

The Orbit Keyring

The company got its start from a Kickstarter campaign and has been doing it big ever since.

They boast premium leather and elastomer bands in different color options (all interchangeable), space for seven keys, and carry a few accessory options such as bottle opener and two sizes of usb keys. You are looking at $14.95 on the low end. Bear in mind that this (nor almost any other on the list) will not fit a large car key or car remote fob, but does feature an optional clip to attach the car keys to (included.)


There isn’t much information about the company on the Key-Bar site (http://www.keybar.us/), but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the founders have or had SOMETHING to do with the military. With all of the SIG (Sauer), Spartans, knives, etc on their Instagram, not-to-mention the obvious play on Ka-Bar knives, I’d say I’m in the ballpark. Plus, they are based in Savannah, GA (near Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.)

The Keybar Keyring

The Keybar Keyring

Their keyring and keychain replacements feature several choices of materials and designs, including copper, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Each comes standard with a pocket clip, and they have multiple accessory options from titanium combs, “key-rabiner” quick clips, usb keys, screwdriver/bottle openers and toothpick/tweezer tools (a-la Swiss Army knives.) Each will hold up to twelve keys (with extension pieces) and has the ability to attach your car remote and longer car keys. Your low-end here is going to set you back $45.00.

Their homepage also states that a portion of every sale goes to Wishes for Warriors, a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides therapeutic outdoor adventure trips for wounded veterans. Hooah!

The Key Caddy

The Key Caddy by Liquid Co. of Melbourne (https://liquidstore.co/) is another “essentialist” keyring and keychain replacement that started via Kickstarter. Their claim to fame is to provide a long-overdue upgrade to the traditional nail-destroying keyring. They also post some interesting facts regarding the percentages of men who have suffered torn pockets and unfortunate jabs to the… nether region… from unruly keychains.

Key Caddy by Liquid Co.

Key Caddy by Liquid Co.

Their design is quite different from the others on the list, sporting a slim, bar-styled organizer that they claim neatly fits into the change pocket of a pair of jeans. Like the others, it does have accessory upgrade capabilities in the form of an ultra slim usb, bottle opener/screwdriver, and is expandable to hold up to eight keys.

There are limited color options, but the sleek design makes up for lack of customization and it looks great in the gift box. It also comes with an additional key hook for your car keys and remote entry. Low-end looks like $67 (you will have to figure international shipping also.) They also have a slim wallet option if you are looking for a nicer gift package!


KeyDisk has, by far, the most interesting design of any of our best keyring and keychain replacements. If that is a deal-maker for you, then look no further! There is no real company information on their site (though it is a very nice website – http://www.key-disk.com/), so I will get right into the details.

The KeyDisk

The KeyDisk

The organizer is somewhat triangular, holding up to nine keys between the three post locations. While this will ensure an extra little bit of work to install your keys, it does keep the disk flatter and thinner than the other keyrings. The center also works as a bottle opener.

I did not see any additional key holders for car keys or remote entries, nor did I see any additional upgrade accessories, but for the minimalist, this could still be the thing for you. As of the time of this article publication, they were running a sale from their normal $29.00 pricetag (with a two ring optional deal) which could save you a few bucks.


KeySmart is by far my favorite out of this list. Another Kickstarter drive, though located right here in Chicago, USA, Keysmart has its roots in the same mentality as the rest—no more bulk, annoying keychains, pokes to the thigh (or anywhere else), and high quality standards.

The Keysmart Keyring

The Keysmart Keyring

Keysmart, however, blows its competition away in that their products are expandable up to 100 keys, have replaceable laser engraved front faces, and a plethora of accessories from golf divot tools, colored keys, lanyards, pocket clips, bottle openers, quick disconnect “s-type” clips, usb sticks and more!

The Keysmart Extended

The Keysmart Extended Keyring

This is the tool I want. And for a beautiful, sleek tool with a starting price of only $19.98? Sign me up, brother! Visit their site here and see everything they have to offer. (Yep, that’s a proud affiliate link!)

I don’t think you will get a better deal than on their site (aff.) but if you are a die-hard Amazon shopper, you can also visit their Amazon store (aff.)

Two Bonus Products

Now, in the interest of fairness for all, I am including two additional, “bonus” companies’ offerings. I can’t guarantee the quality of either of these two, but, hey, sometimes you want all the options, right?


Fan-Key hails from USA/ISREAL, according to their website, http://www.fan-key.com/home.php, but you can’t click on the link. Who knows. At any rate, they like to sell their expandable products in sets of two (for about $50.00.)

The Fan-Key

The Fan-Key

There are multiple color options available, several accessories from scissors to flashlights to usb, and they claim to be able to hold your car keys. (Funny how they are the only ones, right?) For you blingy-types, there’s also an option to get three Swarovski crystal beads inlaid.

The Key Ninja

The Key Ninja (http://www.keyninja.com/) is almost attractive, simply for the sweet commercial video they have on their homepage (it runs on a loop—pause when you are tired of it, not that it’s possible to get tired of kick-ass ninja commercials!)

The Key Ninja

The Key Ninja

This gadget claims to hold up to thirty keys, comes standard with dual led flashlights in the ends (to find the hole in the dark—every time! You have to watch the video…) and has similar accessories as the rest. You will be looking at the price of $14.99 according to the “buy it quick!” ad on the homepage. I have no idea where it goes from there, honestly.


So there you have it! Five excellent (and two potentially not-so-excellent) options for the best keyring and keychain replacements on the market. Again, I recommend the Keysmart option, not only for the affiliation, but for the style, quality, and expandability. Every video and review I have seen speaks highly of the product. In fact, even QVC has had them on the channel. That says something!

Happy shopping!

Do you have one of these? Tell us what you think!


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