State of Social Part III – Offline Relationships

This is the last of three posts regarding social and social media stuff from me (for now.) Regardless if social media interests you or not, read all the way through this post. There’s a little something for you at the end.

The day before yesterday, I talked about how we are failing as social animals, social media experts, and how some social media sites look like a rolling advertisement. Yesterday, I talked about community building and sharing our lives and stories with each other—this site and our associated social media channels being just one way to do so.

Today, I want to talk to you about offline relationships. The ones you pursue whenever you’ve been a part of a community like ours and want to move to the next step—maybe even become a part of the “behind-the-scenes” crowd like our own David Stanley. This guy has been an advocate for us, a heavy contributor, and though he started a guest contributor, has become one of the admins on Dads Round Table.

I can also give you another case in point. One of our founders, Jimmy, who we miss dearly (but needed to take a step back for a while.) He and I once made a point of meeting up and having lunch. At the time, I lived in Virginia—he in Pennsylvania. BBQ and a beer. That’s the kind of stuff we love to see happen. I think all of the founders have similar meet-ups on their bucket lists. It will happen eventually, of course. Maybe at a blogging or parenting conference. Maybe at Disneyworld. Who knows. But we will make a point of getting it done.

That’s the level of commitment we want to make to you. We want you deeply engrained and a go-to via email or phone call. We want you to help us spread our stories virally across social media. We want to do meet-ups. Take things local. Skype. Hangout. Have a rib and a brew (for you meat-eaters, of course.)

It starts here.

We are actively looking for additional contributors and brand advocates, and since you are supposed to periodic opt-in checks on subscriptions, this is as good a time as any to reinvigorate our email contact list. I designed a very short form for you to use below. It’s very simple—shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to fill in.

State of Social III - Offline Relationships

I’ll personally add you to the list(s). No automated funny-business. You’ll even get a hand-written (ok, typed) thank you. I’m also going to send you a thank you coupon, good for a couple of free issues of our upcoming E-Zine. That’s right! Exclusive content, expanded stories, multi-authored content not found on the main site, and plenty of other great material we’ve been working on behind the scenes. All for the cost of an email address and donation of a tweet or share—if that’s ok with you. The sharing buttons are located at the top and bottom of this post. Easy-peasy.

We look forward to meeting you and taking our relationship further than you’ll get on many other sites. Guaranteed.

*Pledge: Dads Round Table will not sell or otherwise intentionally distribute your emails to any other company, agency, or affiliate. Emails and names will only be used for communication between Dads Round Table and you for the purposes of informational updates, marketing of our own products, and for occasional feedback. You will never be asked for financial information or be asked to purchase anything directly via email. We are committed to helping you stay safe online!

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