What You Need to Know About Star Wars Fans

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We know Star Wars is a very profitable franchise.

Yep. We heard about Disney. We know the clothing racks and toy aisles are overflowing with Star Wars swag. And we understand the extensive “News Coverage” surrounding the filming of the upcoming movies is promotional and a chance for bloggers and networks to accrue pageviews and ad revenue. You can buy a Star Wars version of just about anything – probably anything if you’re willing to pay.

While the merchandise of a Star Wars fan may be more specialized and authentic, we end up supporting the commercial monster with our dollar votes just like everybody else so it would be hypocritical to say we’re against it. Besides, so long as the franchise is profitable, Star Wars fans are guaranteed new adventures for the central characters and exciting expansions for the rest of the galaxy.

We know Star Wars is a pop culture phenomenon.

We know there are people who own a Star Wars shirt they bought at the Gap. There are “fans” who use a few famous Star Wars quotes who have never seen a single Star Wars movie. We see the popular and delve deeper into the details. There isn’t much we can do about the bandwagon and for the most part, it is of no concern to us. Star Wars is cool and that isn’t all bad for us geeks.

We know Star Wars is primarily family entertainment.

Star Wars fans know most of the franchise is meant for kids. We all jeered at Jar Jar Binks until we sat back and really thought about the intended audience. Legions of kids have never seen Episode IV but have seen several episodes of The Clone Wars and Rebels. Adult Star Wars fans were most likely introduced to The Force in their youth.

Star Wars fans know the narrative and philosophy is complex and dynamic. It is able to capture our attention in our youth and maintain it into adulthood. As a dad I get immeasurable joy watching Star Wars with my kids and seeing them getting hooked like I did so many years ago.

We know the franchise isn’t perfect.

Star Wars fans realize I-III aren’t that great and that a Christmas special is illogical. Despite these indiscretions and a few others, we remain loyal fans for our own reasons. Would you abandon your favorite sports team because they had a bad season?

May the Force be with you, always.


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