Countdown of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This is a countdown of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies up to today.  Though I am excited for Ant-Man, I do not yet know where it will fit on this list.  I know some may disagree with me, so I’d love to hear your thought in comments or on Twitter.  However, this is how and why I ranked these movies from the least-Awesome to the most Epic.  Enjoy.

11. Iron Man 2

This movie felt like a very long after-credits scene where we got to see the War Machine and Black Widow introduced.


10. Incredible Hulk

It wouldn’t have taken much to get the bitter taste of the previous Hulk movie out of our mouths, but Hulk Smash.


9. Iron Man

This one started the whole MCU, and this scene shows that it was the characters, acting, and story that has brought the MCU its success.


8. Thor: The Dark World

More opportunities to See Thor and Loki go back and forth, while setting up an epic Ragnarok storyline are all good things.


7. Iron Man 3

Marvel pulled this trick on the entire fandom and it paid off.


6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Russo Brothers put Cap into a political thriller and kept some heart at the center of it all.


5. Thor

Marvel’s first gamble that fans would go for a character like this.  Also the casting and acting between characters was brilliant with Hiddleston carrying the film.


4. Captain America: The First Avenger

Many will disagree that this should be this high, but the was a necessary film that was not as easy to pull off as Marvel made it look.  A period piece that is a prelude to the Avengers, and sets up the Captain America Sequel without feeling like Iron Man 2 did.  This movie was better than many gave it credit.


3. Avengers: Age of Ultron

I just watched it, and won’t give any spoilers.  It was huge, epic, and Joss Whedon proved that he is an amazing story-teller with ensemble casts.


2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s most recent huge gamble that also paid off in a huge way.  The success of this movie sets up the Cosmic side of the MCU, and when Dr. Strange comes out, that will set up the Mystic side.  This movie was pure perfection from beginning to end, and only one movie could beat it on this list.


1. Avengers

This was a movie of epic moments that had brilliant writing in order to tie those moments together.  It was a climax that was more satisfying than we all hoped it would be.



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