3 Reasons to See Guardians of the Galaxy

I wasn’t always of fan of Cosmic Marvel, until recently and it started with the Annihilation story line.  In this story and unstoppable force from another dimension rips through the universe decimating every civilization in crosses.  After reading this, I found myself picking Guardians of the Galaxy and I found a comic I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did.  I quickly read through the whole series.

The comic portrays a group of individuals who periodically have aligning motivations.  Those motivations are not always to promote Truth, Justice, or some moral center.  I feel this happening in the movie that is soon to be released.

This is not a review or a preview, but I am a Marvel fan who believes in this movie and I am really excited for it.  However, I realize that the characters are obscure, and casual Marvel movie fans may not understand what they would be getting themselves into.  So here are 3 reasons why you should go see Guardians of the Galaxy.

1) GOTG is Marvel’s Gateway-Drug to the Cosmos. If they are able to make this a successful movie, then it opens up so many more stories to explore.  There is a universe full of characters, and stories to have fanboys crying tears of joy for years to come that can stem from this movie being received well.  The Skrulls, The Nova Corps, The Shiar, The Negative Zone, The Inhumans, The Eternals, Uatu, etc…  I know it seems like I just had a seizure on my keyboard, but if any one of these became a movie reality, I would be a giddy child of Christmas morning.


Marvel COSMIC cinematic universe

2) There are layers upon layers upon layers.  I find it difficult to believe that they were able to add in all my favorite parts of each character into this one movie.  If some of these characters seem conflicted, it’s because they are.  Drax and Gamora are both connected to Thanos and are a part of the GOTG (in the comics) to further their own personal agendas.  In the Avengers we knew the back story to the characters, and this may be a reversal in how the audience learns about them, and I hope it works out well.  First we will get to learn how they learn to work together, and next I would anticipate their personal agendas get in the way of becoming a merry group that happily works together.

If you take each character individually, they all bring something great to the table.  Rocket Raccoon is a visual representation of the chip on everyone’s shoulder.  These characters are given a chance to do something good, but noone expects anything great from them, except for themselves.  Groot, though he gets labelled a “thug” is proof that this group has a heart.  It’s like seeing Richard Sherman at a Children’s Hospital after he bashes Crabtree in another interview. Drax the Destroyer represents someone who’s become defined by their tragedy.  He is motivated by things in his past that push him into certain decisions, until he becomes a Guardian of the Galaxy; then he finds a distraction and a new purpose. Gamora is someone running away from their past, and is unwilling to face it. There is always a fear that if people know who we really are, then they won’t accept us; that is her issue.  Finally there is Star-Lord, who takes all of the previous characters and rolls them into one attention-seeker who wants celebrity, or notoriety, for all the wrong reasons.

drax vs thanos


3) It is a story of good people who were started down the wrong path.  We have all seen what happened to Loki who was mischievous and good-natured but then turned down a dark path.  The GOTG are individuals who were started down darker paths early on, and get a glimpse of what it feels like to do right for the sake of others.  This is not something that turns someone good overnight, but I think it could become the beginning of something very good and entertaining.  The Black Widow has been an example of how someone may have done bad things, but they are not a bad person.  Well, the GOTG is a team of individuals with shady pasts that we won’t be completely let in on.

I am obviously excited for this movie, and have been since I first heard it was on in the works for Phase 2.  My hope is that they concentrate on the characters, because they may not be able to carry their own movie, but they have rich backstories that are important to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I don’t know if you need to see any movies before this, but I would recommend watching The Avengers first if you feel the need, to go see this movie.



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