The Samsung Galaxy S5 … What You Need to Know

Courtesy Samsung Mobile PressNews broke recently that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released soon, and just like that we have seen some intriguing headlines in mobile tech news. In our constantly changing tech culture, just about any new smartphone generates a great deal of press, but when it’s Apple or Samsung doing something new, it’s truly worth an in-depth look.

Though its full range of specs and features is only just starting to be publicized, we do know quite a bit about the Galaxy S5 at this early stage, and given what we do know, here’s a look at some of its included features that could challenge the iPhone 5S as the unofficial top smartphone on the market.

Camera Quality

As smartphones become more advanced in this category, it seems to be more important to users to find phones packaged with high quality photo capability. Strictly in comparison to the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 looks to be quite advanced in this category, and offers a 16 MP camera (as opposed to the iPhone’s 8 MP). The Galaxy S5 will also offer various camera modes and abilities to rival the iPhone’s popular, simple scrolling between square, photo, panorama, and video.

Health Features

The Galaxy S5’s focus on health has gotten a lot of attention, with the included S Health perks dominating the conversation. S Health is more or less an included fitness app that will allow Galaxy S5 users to track their steps, manage their diets, and interact with friends with specific regard to fitness efforts. A CNET review of the product goes into more depth on the phone’s ability to monitor heart rate as well. Simply put, no other phone on the market comes with these kinds of included features. While there are fitness and heart rate apps available, S Health looks to offer a smoother, more reliable experience.

Improved Display

We all love HD screens, and by the sound of things the Galaxy S5 will give us the best one yet on a smartphone. The Verizon Wireless article on the Galaxy S5’s release a few weeks ago teased that the S5’s display was “packed with more pixels per inch than other leading smartphones,” leading to a brighter, bolder display that brought new life to HD. And now, it seems, the specs back up this claim. According to Phone Arena, the S5 1080x1920p resolution and 432 ppi. For comparison, the iPhone 5S (which really has a brilliant display) has 640x1136p resolution and 326 ppi.

Water Resistance

This one doesn’t take a whole lot of explaining, really. Per the same Phone Arena article just referenced, the Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant, which essentially means it’s easier to keep clean and harder to damage. This isn’t wholly unique among smartphones, but for high-end products dominating the market, it’s a major step. It’s also another significant advantage over the iPhone 5S.

Superior Battery

The battery capacity and ability comparison between the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S actually shows a fairly extreme advantage for Samsung. The Galaxy S5’s battery has a 2800 mAh capacity, good for 21 hours of talk time or 390 hours of standby time. All of these numbers compare favorably to the iPhone 5S’s 1570 mAh capacity, with 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time. Additionally, in a comparison slideshow of Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S features, the Huffington Post notes that the S5 has a very effective low-power mode that allows users to switch the screen to black-and-white to save power when necessary.

The Gift Bundle

If you’ve done any research at all on the Galaxy S5, you’ve likely stumbled across references to its included apps and services, or the “Galaxy Gifts.” Basically, the S5 is coming with a pre-loaded package of apps, free downloads, and subscriptions, which according to PC Mag total up to $576 in net value. The package includes a very diverse range of “gifts,” from a subscription to Wall Street Journal mobile, to $10 of in-app purchases for the popular game Cut The Rope 2. This package is somewhat gimmicky in nature, but there’s very real value in it, and it’s another perk that may sway users to opt for the S5 over the iPhone 5S or other competitors.

All in all, Samsung’s new flagship device looks to be extremely impressive. It’s doubtful we’ll see an iPhone 6 (rumored by some to actually be called the “iPhone Air”) before the year’s end, but for now the Galaxy S5 may take over as the top phone on the market.


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