How to Make Batman vs. Superman Work Onscreen

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The version of The Dark Knight which we will see in the Man of Steel Sequel is different than what we have seen on the big screen.  He is going to be older than Superman, and already a seasoned crime fighter by the time we meet him.  At this point in time, Zach Snyder won’t have to explain the many layers of the character or the duality of the personas of Batman and Bruce Wayne because it’s been done brilliantly in Nolan’s trilogy.  What the new Batman gets to do is what Joss Whedon did in Marvel’s Avengers; examine how these heroes can work together.

batman_vs__superman_by_cakes_and_comics-d6kvsr8Superman is a boy scout, a beacon, and the “S” on his chest is the Kryptonian symbol for Hope.  He is an orphan, adopted, and an endangered species.  Yet he still perseveres with hope in his heart.  His physical strength is only matched by his internal fortitude, and his legacy is inspiring us to do and be better.

Batman is a detective, an urban legend, and a symbol of fear.  He is an orphan, a billionaire, and a man searching for justice.  At his core lies fear and vengeance that he has turned into a weapon against crime.  His will power is unmatched, even by superman.  His legacy is… well, that’s up for debate.

With the news that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman, regardless of how I feel about it, there are a few things Snyder will need to do for this movie to work:

  1. Batman can never fully trust Superman.  This is not a personal shot at Supes, but Bruce understands the danger of that much power losing control, or being hijacked by someone else.  Bruce and Clark will never be best friends forever, and the movie has to show this.
  2. Superman must always be an annoyance to Batman. All the security, and fail-safes Batman has must be a non-issue for Clark who may just appear in the Batcave or “pop-up” in Gotham with a criminal Bats is pursuing in hand.  Superman operates different from Batman, and I hope to see how this bothers him in the movie.
  3. Superman’s strength and Batman’s skill must set them as equals without Kryptonite.  Otherwise Bats is just like any ordinary human. Batman is Batman for a reason.  He is the only being without superpowers on the Justice League’s varsity roster, and that must be for a reason they show in the movie.
  4. They must learn that they need one another. J. J. Abrams did a great job showing this in the first Star Trek movie between Spock and Kirk.  I can’t wait to see how Snyder demonstrates that these two icons have something unique to offer the other.
  5. They must know their secret identities.  Clark can see through stuff, and Bruce is the world’s greatest detective.  If they don’t know who the other is on the first meeting, I’ll be disappointed.

One Last note

With rumors of Wonder Woman being in the movie (which would be awesome), I am inclined to do another post on how that added dynamic could and should play out on screen.  Since it is just rumors and conjecture, I’ll postpone it.  As much as I think Affleck is the wrong choice, I do hope Batman vs. Superman works.


What do YOU want to see in the Man of Steel Sequel?






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  1. I’m with you on all of this. You make great points. I think the writers should consult you. Lets hope its a great movie.

    • There has to be a reason I don’t do movies, but I do hope they can pull this off, because if they do… The Geekdom will literally throw money at them.

  2. Hey Joe! Love the insight and all the thought you put into this. Marvel/DC really have something going here and endless content in their market. Let’s just hope they follow the formulas that work and not the ones that haven’t. Can you imaging a Justice League vs Avengers in the future! Now we just need Robotech, Voltron and Thundercats to happen!

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