Geek Debate: Ben Affleck is the new Batman?

Jimmy is one of our resident fanboys at Dads Round Table.  His credits include being a contributor to the comic book site, Fanboy Factor, owning a comic book collection of over 5000 issues, knowing characters’ first appearances better than family members’ birth dates, sleeping on Star Wars pillow cases, and actively trying to find a set of adult sized Underoo’s.  He has been reading Batman comics for almost 30 years and up until recently, still used a DC Universe quilt on his bed.

JB is the other Round Table geek.  Even though he is not to the geek-royalty level that Jimmy is, he is easier understood by those who are not fanboys, and has created many converts after sharing the gospel of geeky awesomeness.  He’s been reading comics since he was single digits, and had comic shop he would walk to for shelter from the Seattle rain in high school.  He now decorates his classroom with Comic-Con paraphernalia, and indoctrinates his kids with comic book character cartoons on Netflix. 

In case you hadn’t heard, Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman.  If you’re listening to the Internet, George Clooney’s batsuit nipples may finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief because of this.  But is Ben really going to be as bad as our beloved Dark Knight Detective?  According to Joss Whedon, he (Affleck) will crush it.  But if you aren’t satisfied with the guy who brought a tiny film called ‘The Avengers’ to the silver screen, think about this…

If this past summer is any indication, A-List actors are unnecessary.  After Earth, R.I.P.D, Elysium, and The Lone Ranger struggled at the box office even though they had names like Smith, Reynolds, Damon, and Depp attached to them.  Now, I understand that the sovereign lord of all geeks, Joss Whedon gave a positive statement about Ben Affleck being able to play the new Batman.  However, this felt more like a professional courtesy made in good-faith to get fanboys to give Snyder a chance to make his movie than a genuine opinion.  In every role Ben has ever played, I hear the Boston accent from Good Will Hunting; last time I checked, Bruce Wayne is from Gotham… not Bean Town. 

He did Daredevil


The great Len Wein, creator of Wolverine, editor on Watchmen, and hundreds of other titles, had a saying to his staff when he was Editor in Chief.  You can make a mistake every single day; just don’t make the same mistake twice.

Case in point, Daredevil.  Yes we know Daredevil was awful.  Ben Affleck knows Daredevil was awful.  So much so in fact that during an interview with Mtv, he said, “We missed a lot with that movie.”  But what better way to learn than to do something that made only slightly more money than the Green Hornet?  Outside of the writers of every SyFy original movie and Nic Cage, no one in Hollywood is interested in continually making horrible movies and you should expect Ben not to make the same mistake twice, especially with a character as iconic as Batman.

I shouldn’t have to say anything else.  He… Did… Daredevil.  We all know that the movie was a tragedy.  This is especially true when you consider that as song and supporting character were the best parts of the whole movie.  There was no point during the movie where he was Matt Murdock and not Ben Affleck with a bad hair dye job.  IF it was believed that he could do the character justice, then he would have gotten another crack at it in spite of the poor movie making; Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman have been able to take multiple cracks at their respective characters. 


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  1. Shawn says:

    I dated a woman a couple years ago that was pretty much the opposite of me (aside from the male/female thing). Our politics are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, we view religion differently. One thing we did agree on: Neither of us are Ben Affleck fans. I can’t see how him acting as Batman will be good. I’ll watch, and I’m generally optimistic about things. But my mind can’t wrap around it. I think Nolan and Bale did an outstanding job defining the role in the last 3 films, so Affleck would really have to do something monumental to overcome that.

    It could just be I’m trapped in this re-launch is better, the darker (and to me more real, less comicy) characters we have seen lately (Dark Knight, Daniel Craig as Bond, Cavill in Man of Steel) are an improvement over previous iterations.

    I also think Heath Ledger was brilliant as Joker.

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