Can Marvel Create Another Villain as Popular as Loki?

It is no secret that the Marvel Fandom (especially the fan girls) love Tom Hiddelston’s Loki.

In Marvel’s biggest Phase One franchise gamble, Thor, Loki was an absolute standout. You feel for him, sympathize with him, but always know that we will betray you.  Tom has done for Marvel villainy what Robert  Downey, Jr. is doing for the good guys.  He owns it, and he never disappoints.

Many are looking forward to Thor 2: The Dark World, but not because of Hemsworth, Portman, or even Asgard.  During the first trailer it was hearing Loki’s voice and seeing him in an Asgardian prison cell that really excited Marvel’s fan-base.  However, already knowing Loki won’t be in Avengers: Age of Ultron is bittersweet.  It also raises the question, Can Marvel do it again?

There are two Marvel villains who come to mind, but they are both currently owned by other movie studios: Magneto and Dr. Doom.  Since those roles are taken and we have the upcoming list of Marvel movies, which includes Ant-Man and a possible Dr. Strange, who will be the next Marvel villain that we will love to hate?  Who would you choose as the actor/actress to play that role?  Comment below with your thoughts.



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  1. Get a good actor to play Count Neferia or Graviton. Not exactly sure who could do it but those would be two fun characters to try it with. Kang would be another.

    • JoeB says:

      You’re the second person to mention Kang… That’s the only character to peak my interest. The thing about Loki is that he was in more than one movie and had an impact on several characters. Plus, even after invading New York you know he’s just middle management.

  2. I like Loki the character, just not so much into the whole sexy Loki thing (I’m a Thor girl all the way). That being said – I think Marvel could definitely have another sympathetic character (and sexy) “hit” if they went with Michael Korvac.

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