JB’s 10 Best Superhero Movies

In case the title doesn’t get my point across, this is MY list.  You are welcome to disagree with me, but my mind won’t be swayed.  With that out of the way, let’s get into the countdown.

10) Captain America

Marvel had the feat of making a WWII-Specific character relevant to a generation that only understands Nazis in the context of a First-Person Shooter.

9) Superman 1 & 2

Every Superman film will always be compared to these, but they will never live up to this version, or Christopher Reeves.

8) Blade 2

This series hits it’s stride with this movie.  Good characters, good action, and a couple of funny moments.

7) Man of Steel

I just saw this movie, and even though it is amazing, it is just another origin story.  After watching it, I felt the same way I felt after watching the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie: this was exactly how I hoped Superman to be, but now I’m excited for the next chapter of the story.

6) Iron Man 3

Any time a character can appear in this many movies and still be interesting, it means they’re doing something right.  He’s also a likeable character that people who are not fanboys enjoy.


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  1. The entire way through I was thinking to myself, “Avengers better be number one…” 🙂

    • There’s no better ComicBook movie. I have a feeling that it will remain #1 for a long time!

  2. No Flash Gordon!? Ok, maybe not.
    I don’t know about Blade. I loved the movies but I think I would have had Tim Burton’s Batman in there. It wasn’t the greatest movie but it kick started so much. Love Captain America. I would have had that one higher on the list and maybe an honorable mention for V for Vendetta.

    • V and the 1989 Batman are good movies… but just didn’t make my top 10. I like Batman Returns with Catwoman the best though.

  3. Nick says:

    I felt the exact same about the Man of Steel after walking out. Realized it really was an origin about half-way through, but was really happy with the flashback style they used to keep the story moving forward. Thought IM3 was good, but did not enjoy it or 2 as much as 1. 3 seemed to need Avengers to stand on, and I felt disappointed with the Mandarin.

    • I know many who were fans of the Mandarin were disappointed in IM3, but I thought that it was BRILLIANT!!!

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