The Pulled Pork & Spaghetti Casserole. Genius!

Alton Brown. He has done more than anyone to teach Americans about food.

Alton Brown. He has done more than anyone to teach Americans about food.

You love pulled pork. Crispy bark; sweet & spicy & salty. Inside meat with the smell of lovely wood smoke that melts in your mouth like buttah.

You love spaghetti. A little chewy, a little slurpy, a little nutty.

It’s fall; the time for long cooking stews and casseroles that fill the house with odors of love.

Combine the three and it’s genius: A pulled pork & baked spaghetti hot dish.

Easy-peasy, and pretty pretty pretty darn tasty.


Pulled pork. [1.5 lbs/0.75 kg]

I like to make my own from a whole pork butt.

Your kids will love this. “Daddy’s making pork butt! What’s Up! Daddy’s Pork Butt!”

There are several good oven-roasted pulled pork recipes out there. Here’s one from The Food Lab @SeriousEats. This guy Kenji, he knows his stuff. Here’s another from America’s Test Kitchen. This guy Chris Kimball has put together a great magazine. If you already know how to handle a pork butt on the smoker, then get going.

FYI- I am not a fan of slow-cooker pulled pork. Everything mushes together. The texture goes to (crock) pot. The flavor of the sauce dominates at the expense of the meat.

If you’re not up for making your own, buy some at your local BBQ joint, smokehouse, or Costco. Truth is, theirs is good eats (obligatory Alton Brown homage).

Spaghetti. [1 lb, uncooked]

Boil up the spaghetti in salted water. Don’t add any oil to the pot. It doesn’t help keep the pasta from sticking. Your pasta sticks, then your water isn’t at a serious boil before you add it in. Drain well.

Sour cream. [0.5 cup/125 ml]

Ro-tel. [small can]

Use the mild. If you go hot, the jalapenos overwhelm the delicate deliciousness of the pork.

Shredded yellow cheese. [1 lb/0.5 kg]

BBQ sauce. [10 oz or so.]

Green onions. [1 bunch]


Pre-heat oven to 400⁰F/205ºC.

Lubricate a 9 x 14/22 x 35 cm.

If you made your own pork, shred 1.5 lbs of the butt with hands, forks, or bear paws. You’ll have lots left over. Nice, eh?

In a large bowl, add enough sauce to bind.

Gently, now, because you don’t want to destroy the integrity of the meat, mix in the Ro-tel tomatoes and sour cream.

Add the spaghetti, a healthy handful of shredded cheese, and mix with hands. The kids will be a great help. Better put a towel down- this’ll get messy. Once everything is combined, add in as much BBQ sauce as needed to bind the casserole together. Because different brands of pasta soak up sauces as different rates, I can’t be more precise. Mea culpa. BTW- I use a corn based glutenfree pasta and it works great.

Pour and spatulate the mixture into the prepared pan.

Cover completely, edge to edge, with cheese.

Top with plenty of chopped green onions.

Drizzle with sauce. Maybe do your kids’ names or initials across the top.

Bake in oven for 30:00.

Remove, let stand for 10:00 before service and Bob’s your uncle!

Enjoy with a brown ale or zinfandel for the adults. For the kids, I’d recommend a low-fat low-sugar chocolate milk with a straw.





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