Of Taste and Family: The Boys


Our time together has dipped.


The twist of life and kids.


Often on the back burner,


others in front.


So this is a shout-out to my boys,


the brothers I pick.

They say friends are the family you choose, and I feel very fortunate to have ones that I can comfortably call “brothers.”  I love that now when we get together I get to watch our little selves run around and play with each other, but a part of me definitely misses the frequency in which we do so.  Miss you guys, let’s hang soon.


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  1. I find it easier to meet up with other moms vs. my friends who don’t have kids though. At least with the other moms, we can meet in a kid-friendly environment and bring the kiddos along. Meeting up without the kids takes a lot more coordination. Looks like you had a great time!

    • Brad the Dad says:

      That’s definitely true, Lynette. I get a laugh out of some of my friends and/or younger cousins who are at the marriage stage and I’m like – “Aw, that’s cute. You guys are planning a wedding and think that’s a lot of work and takes a ton of coordination? Just wait.” (evil laugh)

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