Table Talk #1

I was told a long time ago that the best way to get a video history of your kids is to record them once a week for about a minute. I know that we all take our cameras everywhere that we go, but do we actually sit down and watch any of it?  The answer most likely is no.  Chances are we will have stacks and stacks of tapes or about 300 GB of video stored on our overflowing hard drive.  The idea with the once a week recordings is that at the end of the year you will have about an hours worth of footage that you can sit down and watch and notice just how big your kids are getting.

With all that being said, I tried to get my kids to say something, but like most kids when the camera goes on, they clam up or go crazy.  There never is any middle ground.  Well now that we have this platform to show off our kids, I have decided to get back to this with hopefully a weekly segment (I say weekly, because I never know how gung ho my kids will be about all of this) where I will ask my kids about something and hopefully get a somewhat coherent response out of them.  Without further ado, I bring you installment #1 of Table Talk.

So he isn’t the most talkative kid when the camera is rolling, but I swear when it isn’t he does not stop.  Come back next week to see what else these kids might say or do.

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  1. A video history is such a great idea. But, taking pictures on a regular basis is difficult enough when the kids get older. I took plenty of photos of them when they were babies and toddlers. Now, I don’t take as many unless we are on vacation or at a special event. I’m not sure exactly why. They don’t mind being the subjects even at ages (almost) 12 and 8, Your article reminds me the importance of doing so.

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