The Most Romantic Story of All Time

The following story is true. The names have been changed. My friend Guy honestly feels that he was not being romantic but just doing what was right. To him, being a father was mandatory and falling in love was a bonus. Don’t hate him because he’s such a great guy; hate him because he’s French! 


Emily grew up in a small community outside Saskatoon. Always fascinated with France and French culture, she dreamed that one day she would move to France and fall in love with a local guy. They’d get married and have 3 daughters and she’d never speak English at home again.

After graduation Emily set out to teach English in Japan. Her heart was set on France but her finances wouldn’t allow it. Teaching English in Japan didn’t turn out to be quite as lucrative as the agents had promised but she did make enough money to cover her flight home with a two-week stop in France.

The trip to France was everything she dreamed it would be. She immersed herself in the culture and after some heavy mutual flirting in a cafe, ended up spending most of her vacation with a local guy. We’ll call him Guy. Two weeks later Emily left France with a heart full of memories and a suitcase full of memorabilia. Soon after her return to Canada, Emily discovered she would have another reminder of France that would always be with her. She was pregnant.

All she knew was Guy recently graduated from Engineering and grew up in a little dairy town outside of Paris. After a series of unsuccessful calls she got the answering machine of the last possible contact number she was able to dig up. With no other way to contact Guy, she began preparing for life as a single parent. She dropped out of college and got a job at a coffee shop.

Emily’s apartment was ready for a baby. Her due date was only days away. Today was her last shift. It was a cold January morning. As she was getting the cash register ready someone knocked on the front door of the coffee shop. She checked the time. Five minutes until the shop opens. Rather than make the guy wait outside on a winter morning, she unlocked the door and turned back to the counter without really looking at the customer.

“Merci. It is very cold,” a very familiar voice greeted her as he walked in. His English had a very thick French accent. She turned toward this familiar voice to see a familiar face. “I don’t know if we are meant to be together, but I know I am meant to be there for our child.”

It’s been 15 years and Guy and Emily are still happily married. They have 3 daughters. After landing an engineering job in Quebec, they moved to Montreal where Emily completed her Education degree and teaches English. At home, she only speaks French.


The Beginning
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