Back in the Saddle


Many moons ago I played with a couple of amazing musicians, Quinn and Cam. We called ourselves The Furleys. We wrote songs, played shows, and recorded an album. One day I had to say good-bye to Quinn, Cam, and The Furleys. This good-bye is not a dramatic rock band fallout story. My wife and I moved to another province for teaching jobs. Over the years I kept in touch in Quinn and Cam and we always said we should get together to record some songs, or at least to have a jam session. While we did get together as friends for beer and wings, we never got together as musicians.

Quinn contacted me in the Spring to ask when I would be in Saskatoon during my summer break. Then he asked if I’d be interested in spending a couple of those evenings in a recording studio. I said yes. Quinn got the ball rolling and Cam hopped on board and before you know it, all our ducks were in a row. After several texts, emails, and uploaded video footage on YouTube, we had our songs picked out. After nearly 10 years apart we met at the studio (Fabian Music in Saskatoon), rehearsed the songs a couple times and in 2 nights, recorded 3 songs. It was so awesome! When the final mixes are done, I’ll be sharing those songs on my YouTube channel.

So many times in life you put things off or make plans for tomorrow and they never happen. This experience was a reminder that just because an intention is old, doesn’t mean it is worn out. It felt amazing to get back in the saddle. Now I just can’t wait until we get to do it again.


The Beginning
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