The Father’s Day day; w/apologies to Dr. Seuss

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Father’s Day day is the best day of all.

You’re awakened in bed by your creatures so small.

Those wee tiny people who sleep down the hall

will rouse you with gifts which they bought at the mall.

“C’mon Dad, open presents!” they squeal with delight.

They bought you cool stuff, like a hat with a light,

new tools for the gar-age, and some for the grill.

Your kids know you’re a cook, ya’ll got mad grillin’ skill.

You may get a camera, or a new fishing pole,

or a made-by-hand card from your kids’ heart and soul.

Your wife’s stands in the doorway and says, “Let’s let Dad rest.”

“Shall we give him a treat that’s the best of the best?”

Off to the kitchen, you hear teeny feet shuffle.

The next sounds you hear are those of a scuffle-

“Let’s make him waffles!” “No, fruit and some yogurt!”

“Whatever we do just make sure there’s no dirt!”

The kids’ choice for breakfast?  Burned toast and raw bacon,

You don’t need to ask if there was help in the makin’.

It’s the best sort of day; you, your kids, and your wife-

There is no better way to live a dad’s life.

But are you a family that has two dads?

That’s no reason to pout, no cause to be sad.

‘Cause on Father’s Day, you’ll have double the fun-

two Dads mean two guys lie around in sun.

Whatever your family, whatever works,

Father’s Day is one of a dad’s favorite perks.

Hug your kids, love their mom, shout out to your Dad

and take mental pix of the best day you’ve had.






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