Salt Water Painting

Salt water painting is a fun and inexpensive way to be creative and learn a little science at the same time. As you complete this project with your kids you can talk about crystals dissolving in water to make a solution. You can also talk about saturation and supersaturation and how a crystal can be recovered from a solution using evaporation.


  • salt
  • hot water
  • spoon
  • bowl
  • paint brush
  • black construction paper


  1. Run a cup of hot water from the tap into a bowl.
  2. Dump about half a cup of salt into the water
  3. Stir vigorously with a spoon for a minute.
  4. Let the water settle for a minute. Salt will settle to the bottom. The water may look murky.
  5. Paint a picture with the water. It will darken the construction paper so you’ll be able to see where you’ve painted.
  6. As the water dries the salt crystals will appear. If the result isn’t as white as you hoped, you can paint a second coat. The more coats, the more crystals you’ll get.
  7. Be careful with your masterpiece. The salt crystals can smudge or rub off.

The painting below hasn’t dried yet. You can see how it made the construction paper darker.

Salt Water Painting Snowman Wet

The following paintings are dry and complete. The water has evaporated leaving only salt crystals behind.



Salt Water Painting Swirl


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