It’s Okay to be Sappy on Valentine’s Day, with apologies to Dr. Seuss

There’s nothing that’s tougher than Valentine’s Day,sneetches
You must buy a card, you can’t go astray.
You could buy some candy, but that’s so cliché
Maybe some jewelry…
 or something risqué?
You love this woman, you’ve loved her for years.
She knows all your secrets, your hopes and your fears.
She knows you hate clowns, and are frightened by heights.
She knows that once you dressed up in green tights.
You thought it was sexy, You thought it was cool.
To go to the RenFest as a jestering fool.
She knows you get weepy while you watch the kids sleep
She knows that you certainly always will keep
All that they sketch,
including that sheep.
You’ll keep bits of hair and their very first comb,
All the things your kids will ever bring home.
Being the Dad makes you love the Mom more,
So you need to be careful when you’re out at the store.
Be thoughtful and loving and kind in your gift
It’s okay to be sappy, if you get my drift.
Let her know she’s your world, her and your brood,
As soon as you see her, you’re right in the mood.
On Valentine’s Day, I wish you the best.
May you and your family be truly blest.


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Teacher & science guy, writer, musician, coach, skier and bike racer, I am interested… in everything; your story, food & spirits and music and everything in the natural world, spirit & sport. My son is 22 and still needs his Dad. I am 56 and so do I.
I blog on life and death, cancer and sports, kids and education at

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