A Journey Into the Unknown: An Adventure Story

Image courtesy of HAAP Media Ltd.

Image courtesy of HAAP Media Ltd.

They were screaming down a dark tunnel at a speed neither of them had ever experienced before. Sporadically, lights would flash by on the outside of their transport and send a jolt of sensation through their eyes in stark contrast to the otherwise dim and drab interior.

Flash, flash.

A now familiar voice scratched over the cabin’s intercom using words neither of them had ever heard. But words they were sure somehow dictated their future. They listened intently as the man with the strange voice proclaimed their unknown fate. What was he saying? Where were they going? And why were they going there?

The youngest one looked around wildly with a mixture of uncertainty and expectation. A battle of senses could been seen playing out in his eyes, the invincible bravado of youth waging a war with the unavoidable fear of a foreign situation.

Flash, flash.

His older counterpart had no such battle going on. He remembered their previous expeditions and knew they were rarely without incident. In the past they’ve had to escape from impenetrable traps, were forced to learn to survive on their own when left behind, and even made to brave the high seas. But these days he allowed his fears wash over him and even had learned to embrace his anxiety as a means of preparing himself for what was to come. Anticipate everything, be ready for it all. Their leader and mentor wasn’t the type to just let them coast along on these trips and he knew their time would come. They would be challenged soon, mentally or physically, but most likely both.

He glanced up at the one who issued their commands and looked for any signs of what might be. What was the lesson? What did he want them to learn this time?

Flash, flash.

A sense of calm came over them of the as the odd voice cut through the silence and uttered three words they had both heard before. The anticipation was always the worst, but now that they were here, they were ready. As the transport slowed to a stop everyone checked their gear and belongings one last time and tightened their grips on anything in hand.


Light spilled in from seemingly everywhere at once and they blinked away the rapid change in visibility. The nearby doors suddenly screeched open and practically everyone on board headed for their passage. The wide platform they stepped onto was weathered by age and stained by humanity. Vibrant images and faded graffiti assaulted their eyes as equally as time-worn architecture. A new array of smells blasted their senses and both adventurers looked around in awe while trying to regain that sense of calm they had only moments ago.

They quickly followed their leader through a series of gates and then began to ascend a large set of stairs that they hoped led back to the surface.

Right before they reached the top their leader turned back to them and said, “Boys, welcome to New York City. Everything is here, so be in awe as much as you are cautious.”

And with that, their challenge was issued.

And with that, their parents took them on one of the greatest adventures of their lives.



The Beginning
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