Remember the “Lib”?

Many moons ago, I ran a writing critique group. We issued writing prompts, did link ups, and critiqued each others’ work. One week nearing the end of the year, I decided to do something fun to get the group to unwind. It was a short prompt based on the Mad Libs we did as a kid. I wanted to share it with you as a fun activity to do with your kids. Give it a shot and see what they come up with!

Here is an edited version the old prompt:

Here’s a blast from the past—Mad Libs. Remember those? We used to do them all the time when we were kids. We assume you all did them at some point also.

(If you’ve never done a Mad Lib, click here for info on them.)

Here’s how this activity is going to work. Below is a fill-in-the-blank template followed by the corresponding paragraph “starter” Lib for your project. Fill in the blanks just as you would have with a real Mad Lib. Be funny, use your imagination, be serious—whatever your initial thoughts are, go with them. (Try not to cheat by reading the paragraph first.)

Once you’re done with the fill-ins, click and drag your mouse over the large blank area to highlight the hidden text. Copy this highlighted text and paste it into your preferred word processing document (change the font color to see it.) Now fill in the words from the blanks. This is your prompt. Build a story around that paragraph. The more ridiculous your story is; the better. Remember, this is supposed to be fun for you and your kid(s). Let your imagination run far far away.

Lib #1 – The _adjective_-est day ever!

    1. Adjective –
    2. Verb –
    3. Noun –
    4. Noun –
    5. Verb –
    6. Noun –
    7. Adjective –
    8. Verb –
    9. Noun –
    10. Animal –
    11. Verb –
    12. Person –
    13. Verb –

**Highlight inside this area for hidden Lib.**


Today was the __adjective__-est day ever. Joey and I were __verb__-ing down the __noun__ and saw a __noun__ __verb__-ing a __noun__. When we finally made it to Joey’s house, we saw the door was __adjective__. When we walked into the house, his mom was __verb__-ing with a __noun__! That’s when we saw a __animal__ in the pool __verb__-ing with __Person__. It was too much. Joey and I had to __verb__!


If you try this with your kids, come back and let us know what they thought of it. We want to hear your silly stories!

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