Taming the High Seas: An Adventure Story

Adventure - Dads Round TableHe squinted his eyes against the stinging, ocean spray that was assaulting his face.

The watercraft that was suddenly thrust into his hands felt awkward in his control; a foreign sensation that made him uncomfortable.  At each crest of an undulating wave, his stomach was left behind in the descent towards its trough.  Over and over again he fought against the awkwardness, willing himself to become more comfortable with this unsettling feeling.  It was important to him to master this task, not only because their adventure team was on another important mission, but because this time they had a very special passenger.

“Hold our course dead ahead and don’t deviate,” his mentor had instructed.  “And remember,” his elder continued, “you’re in control of this boat, not the other way around.  Keep clear of any obstacles, especially the buoys, and try to make the ride as smooth as possible for our guest.”

He’d never let his leader down yet, and if he had any say in the matter, today wasn’t going to be any different.  The rough seas, on the other hand, had different plans in mind.

It was his other partner, surprisingly, that firmed his resolve during any moments of doubt.  The rookie of their three-person adventure team, a polarizing addition that seemingly attracted trouble and chaos as often as he accomplished tasks and contributed positively, was the first person to ever look up to him.  It was annoying and bit of a burden at first, but as more and more time passed, he was starting to get used to the feeling and even learning to use it as motivation.  His leader and mentor had taken him under his wing and taught him how to survive in this world, so it was only fair that he did the same for the rookie.

Such thoughts caused his eyes to subconsciously wander to where the youngster was sitting.  The kid didn’t look like he was enjoying the ride either, but if he knew anything about this one, he would take over control of the boat without a moment’s hesitation.  The rookie didn’t fear much and never shied from a challenge, he had to give him that.

The boat suddenly lurched to one side and his thoughts came back to the task at hand.

The steering jerked in his hand and he braced himself against its pull.  With sweat starting to pour from his brow, he decreased their speed and slowly brought the boat back on course, just as he was taught earlier.  Checking their surroundings first, he increased their speed once again and continued their journey.  Stealing a quick glance at his mentor (sitting nearby in case there was a need to take over in a sudden emergency), he noted raised eyebrows before a slight nod of approval.  Slight, because his leader was never truly satisfied until their missions were accomplished.

A veteran of many adventures, the oldest member of their team knew nothing was ever over till it was over.  (A line he liked to repeat…over and over.)

As if on cue, the motor made deep noise he had never heard before and felt as if someone was trying to pull it off the boat from behind.  The front of the boat lifted into the air and their passenger gave a sudden gasp of surprise.  His panic was immediate, but his response was just as quick.  Remembering another one of his instructions from earlier in the day, he twisted the end of the handle away from his body and reduced the speed of the motor to an idle.

As the boat leveled off and his heartbeat slowly returned to normal, their leader clapped him on the back, retook control of the boat and said, ” We seemed to have hit a shallow area, buddy.”

“Let me get us out of here and you can try again later.”  Glancing towards the front of the boat, a smile on his face, his mentor continued, “And since your mother doesn’t look too green, I’d say you did a great job.”

“Daddy, I drive now?” asked a small voice.

He looked up at his dad and they both threw back their heads laughed at the fearless toddler.



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