Captain America Taken to School: An Adventure Story

Captain2It was with warmth that I came into this world.

Security and warmth.

But wasn’t I supposed to be the protector?  Wasn’t it my duty to shoulder the load against the cold?  Yet, it was from this source of warmth that I drew my strength.  Thus it was very early on that I knew for certain my very first thought in this life would be the same as my last.

Of him.

These thoughts didn’t last long for suddenly and without warning I was plunged into darkness.  No warning, no warmth.  Just voices.

I was able to make out the voice I wanted to hear among the others, but he sounded nervous and unsure.  This was my mission and he was my responsibility.  This is why I was here.  So why was I now cut off from my charge and subjected to this unlit prison?  Had I failed already?

Suddenly, they were moving very fast and the voices rose with tension.  His voice most notably.

“Let me help,” I pleaded into the darkness.  “Let me make it all better.”

Eventually they came to a halt and everything went silent.  Then new, muffled voices started coming from every direction.  Steady and consistent, these new utterances carried an air of authority.  Wherever they were, they surely were not the ones in charge.  Still reserving judgment on whether or not they were kidnapped, Captain America remained prepared for the worst.

Prepared to protect his charge at all costs.

There was a sudden rush of air and the muffled noises became clear as a bell.  I picked up on the voices of authority right away, but now also detected others that carried an air of chaos.  Controlled chaos, this was still to be determined, but chaos nonetheless.  Who exactly was in charge here?  And more importantly, were they here willingly?

Moving again, this time much slower, I decided to focus my attention back on my charge and tried to block out the general confusion around him.  I knew where to find guidance, and I knew it from the moment I first heard his voice.

After much movement and shuffling around, I finally heard his voice after what seemed like ages.  A simple hello to someone, but it was a start.  It was something I could use to begin to analyze what type of situation they found themselves in.  Theories of kidnapping slowly began to fade into the back of my mind as new ones began to form.  They weren’t in charge, but at least it appeared they weren’t in any immediate danger either.

Movement stopped once again and I was lowered to the ground.

Eventually I heard him utter his name when asked, and so began their routine.  Day after day they performed similar tasks, and day after day I listened to my companion grow.  Grow in experience, grow in knowledge, and directly along with those, in confidence.  I noticed that instead of being asked the questions, he was the one who started asking them.  The general chaos that surrounded them both at all times when they were in this place began to take shape and even managed.

Day after day after day they met the challenges presented to them with a calm resolve.  Confident in their actions, there was nothing to do but execute their tasks.

His charge the outgoing conqueror, myself, the silent protector.

The world stood before us unclaimed and full of reward.  A world that when together as a team, nothing was impossible.

On his first day of kindergarten, I gave my oldest son a Captain America action figure to take with him in his backpack.  I told him that Captain America was very brave, and if he ever felt nervous, to remember that he had Captain America and that would help him be brave too.  Nearly 8 months later, as my son’s first backpack finds itself forced into early retirement and the contents emptied, out pops Captain America.  I completely and utterly forgot about him, yet he was in my son’s backpack the entire time.  Who didn’t forget.  I immediately asked if he remembered why I gave him Captain America and he replied, “To help me be brave.”   Without the proper words to express how awesome this made me feel, I wrote the above. 


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  1. I love it Brad! Here are some photos that I thought you and your son would enjoy. A Captain America drawing that I donated to the City of Hope Cancer Hospital. and

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