The Christmas Spider

A very kind and generous man was returning home to his family in the country after doing some charity work in town.  In his hand was a small spruce sapling he received as a gift from a community member.  Spruce trees are not common in the area and are grown in the yard for luck and as they mature, they are adorned for the Christmas season.

As he walked, a blizzard came in from out of nowhere and unable to see properly, the man became lost.  Tragically, he lost his life that cold Christmas Eve.

When his family found him the next day, the sapling was still in his hands.  His oldest son took it home and nurtured it until spring when he planted it in their front yard.  As he was patting the earth around the base of the sapling he noticed a beautiful white spider.  He swept the spider into his hand and took it to his room and put it into a drawer for in the Ukraine, spiders are considered good luck.

Each day the boy would water his tree and make sure his spider was happy and healthy.  Being only a boy, it was difficult for him to be patient with his sapling.  He wanted it to grow into a mighty spruce in one summer.  His mother smiled and patiently explained that trees take many years to grow tall.

The family soon came upon hard times without the man to provide for them.  The woman was able to do some work around the community and in return the community did its best to make sure their basic needs were met.  Little did they know, someone was watching over them.

A year passed and the family was getting ready for bed after a day of celebrating Christmas Eve with a family the man had helped many times in the community. The boy looked outside at his little tree, its tip barely peeking above the fallen snow.  He sighed, missing his father and wishing his tree was just a little taller, and went to bed.

As the boy drifted off to sleep the little white spider began to glow gently, for this was no ordinary spider.  It was a benevolent spirit whose favorite form is that of a spider.  Knowing the family’s plight and to repay the boy’s kindness, the spirit used its magic to transform the little tree in the front yard into a towering, majestic spruce.  Next the spider spun webs of silver and gold and adorned the boughs with so much splendor the reflection from the moon woke the woman from her slumber.

Astonished, she woke her children and they ran into the front yard.  There was enough silver and gold to end their money worries forever.  It was a Christmas miracle!

Knowingly the boy returned to his room to find his spider and as he suspected, it was gone.  Although he was sad, he knew his spider would move on to a new family in need of some Christmas magic.



The Beginning
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