The Longest Trek: An Adventure Story

His fate loomed before him in the form of something he dubbed, “The Pathway of Doom.”

With his partner at his side, a rookie whose thumb still displayed shades of green, the mission was to brave this stretch of unknown and come out the other side.  Normally on these expeditions they had their leader with them, a veteran of many adventures who always found a way to overcome the most difficult of challenges.  But now they were on their own, a theme that was seemingly becoming all too familiar to him.  Abandoned again, but this time not alone.  Could he trust what their fearless leader had said?  That he would be waiting for them the minute they emerged on the other side?

His mind flashed back to earlier that day when he was given his instructions.

“Don’t stop once you enter.  Keep moving and always have your eyes focused on what’s in front of you, and if this one starts to wander,” the veteran said inclining his head towards the rookie, “it’s up to you to get him back on track.”

“But why me?” I moaned.  “He should be able to take care of himself at this point.”

“Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you.”

As his mind returned to the present, he couldn’t help but wonder why it seemed like the veteran always had an answer for everything.  But deep down he knew his teacher was right.  He’s learned enough at this point to be able to take care of himself and the youngster.

Determination set in and he started to focus on the task at hand.

He looked them both over one last time before beginning.  Outfitted in special gear designed to help them succeed in their mission, they did look quite intimidating in the nearly all black attire.  Shoes polished to the point that they were practically blinding, for what he could only assume was a waterproofing measure, and special flowers pinned above their hearts most likely for the purpose of warding off any wild animals they might encounter, the pair was as ready as they would ever be.

The predetermined signal, also discussed in the earlier instructions, was given and his heart immediately began to race.  He placed one foot in the front of the other and slowly approached the opening of this long corridor.  Immediately upon entering the world felt as if it was closing in around him.  Clicking noises began coming from everywhere as the path narrowed.  It must be the battle cry of some unknown poisonous insect, or the snapping claws of fierce scorpions.

Stay calm.  He was assured that nothing was going to hurt him.

He looked at the rookie to see how he was doing.  Did nothing phase this kid?  There wasn’t a hint of fear on his face at all.

But then the whispers began.  Ghosts?  Outlaws?  Or worse, zombies?  His entire body started to shake and he almost ran for the exit, almost left the little one behind to fend for himself.  But it was his charge that helped him keep it together.  As he looked down at his partner once again, he noticed not a shred of fear on his face, and this time maybe even detected a smile.  Why would he be smiling?  He turned his head forward and not only saw the exit, but also the outline of his leader’s body silhouetted beyond.

They were going to make it after all.

With renewed determination he ignored the noises coming from all around him and focused his attention directly ahead.  Step by step, breath by breath, the pair closed the final gap between them and victory and emerged successfully on the other side.

When he looked up, the smile on the veteran’s face was bigger than he had ever seen.  There was also something weird going on with his eyes.  Were those tears?  Was he hurt?

Their leader leaned down and whispered into their ears,  “I’m so proud of you both.  You guys did a great job and are the best looking ring bearers I have ever seen.  Mommy is right there, go sit down and be good boys.”

The boys then sat down next to their mother and watched in complete silence as their father presided over his sister’s wedding.

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  1. Brandon P. Duncan says:

    I dig this. Nicely written. Even when the polished shoes part came up, I never thought about a wedding. Good stuff!

    • Thanks! Oddly enough, one of the hardest parts is finding a feature picture that doesn’t tip the story.

  2. Left Coast Dad says:

    Nice twist!

    • Do you think my readers would appreciate it if I yell, “You’ve been punked!” at the end of these posts? Bueller?

  3. whip25 says:

    I love these posts that make me wonder where it’s going to end up. Great job!

    • Thank you so much. These are by far my favorite to write and glad people enjoy them.

  4. AskAGreatDad says:

    Sounds like you are already transorming your boys into men. Be proud Brad! You are making this world a better place by raising good boys, or should I say little men?

    • Thank you very much. Little men? I don’t know. The 2yo thinks he is 10 and the 5yo thinks he is 2. Net result? Little pains in the…. 😉

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