Behind the Scenes at the CNN Democratic Debate

  Perhaps you saw the debate from Flint, MI on Sunday evening, March sixth? It was a debate of substance; two amicable ex-colleagues both on the hunt for the nation’s top elected office. Hillary made her points. Bernie delineated the differences between the two. I was there, stage right, first balcony, first row. Come with […]

My Brother Wrote in His Books

My brother wrote in his books. My late brother Michael was left-handed, and his cursive had that slight, backwards tilt that lefties must adopt in order to write in a language that was designed for the dextrad. Amongst those languages which read from right to left, when Michael wrote in Hebrew, he generally wrote in […]

Thank-you, Mr. Trump, in 200 Words

Donald Trump is despicable. But he is not alone. Hate runs through US life and politics. The Cherokee Trail of Tears. Lynchings. No Irish Need Apply. Father Coughlin. WWII isolationism. White violence against the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Donald Trump didn’t invent this particular brand of hate and fear-mongering for his presidential run. It’s always […]

I Know a Pedophile

I know a pedophile. This saddens me beyond belief. Just now, mid-November 2015, he is an alleged pedophile. He sits in jail, accused of giving a 13 year old boy alcohol, and then raping him. Perhaps he is not guilty. The courts will decide. Bail was set at $2,000,000. He faces the possibility of life […]

“This Reeks of Mental Ilness”; in praise of Cait Jenner

“This just reeks of mental illness.” I broke one of my rules this week and read the comments following a newspaper article on Caitlyn Jenner. It turns out, I agree with the commenter, but 180⁰ distant from the disparaging way in which it was meant. Stay with me. In April of 1975, we left Viet […]

Tomorrowland – why your kids need to see this movie!

In a world (said in your best movie trailer voice-over guy voice) where:   Back to the Future, Godless, Indiana Jones, Iron Giant, The Jetsons, Jumanji, Matrix, Men in Black, Rocketeer, Star Trek II, Terminator, WarGames, Wall-e, Wile E. Coyote and a host of other films are lovingly referenced… (Stop voice here). That’s Tomorrowland, director […]

With LOVE from the 70s; eleven great songs

IF you want to write a rock and roll hit,  learn four or five chords, crank up the amp, and write about love. I suspect that if we deciphered more hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt, we’d find lyrics written by a 23 year old guy proclaiming his love for the girl who lived just around the […]

Is Your Driving Making Your Kids Crazy ?

What drives you crazy as a driver? Driver’s education never covered this. Is it the guy you wave in who doesn’t give you the courtesy wave? The driver who busts the red light because three seconds before she got there the light was yellow? The guy who can’t stay between the white lines when steering […]

One Day At A Time

Learning has always been enjoyable for me. I like understanding why things are the way they are, although, to be honest, I’ve always been more drawn to the theoretical arguments as opposed to the practical ones. For instance, I don’t care very much about the ways that the hydraulics and various mechanical parts of an […]

A Perfect Day in June

Shorts were on sale yesterday at Kohl’s. I needed shorts. My summertime wardrobe had moved beyond well-worn and was headlong into shabby. Kohl’s had the perfect shorts; excellent fit, the requisite flat fronts, faded canvas, and great colors. At fifty percent off, I bought four pairs; Breton red, Egyptian blue, khaki, and pagoda blue. It […]