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3rd World Frame of Reference

Why would I bring my kids to work a week at corner of love in Nicaragua? I want to give them a third-world frame. In order to give them a lasting global perspective, I would need to do more than point out the struggles and problems the people and children of Nicaragua face. I would […]

I’m Taking My Kids to Nicaragua

American culture has become one of divisive inflammatory rhetoric. Somehow we have come to the collective conclusion that in order to like something, you must hate everything else. If I like blue, that means I am anti-green. If I enjoy apples, then I hate oranges. I am either a dog person or a cat person. […]

How to Pack for a Cruise Vacation

If you have never been on a cruise before, chances are you have absolutely no idea how to pack for a cruise and you will end up packing every article of clothing that you own.  You want to be prepared for all types of weather, formal dining nights, the beach, the pool, and the gym.  Before […]

Hersheypark in the Dark Starts Today!

If you are looking for something awesome to do with your family this weekend, you need to check out the Hersheypark in the Dark event in Hershey, PA. The event runs for just three weekends, starting today. You can go October 16 – 18, October 23 – 25, or October 30 – November 1. Our […]

A Trio of Terrific Father-Son Road Trips for Fall

  Many kids open up while riding in the car with their dad. There is something about being out on the road that prompts them to spill what’s on their hearts. The fact that they’re behind or to the side of you probably doesn’t hurt, either; sometimes, being away from direct eye contact inspires the […]

How to Pack for a Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

For the majority of people, the idea of travel means packing a couple of cases and jetting off on an airplane to somewhere sunny and exotic. However, for the serious biker, travel is a little bit different – long distance endurance motorcycling often involves being on the road for more than a week, and staying […]

Why Camping and Exploring the Outdoors is Good for Your Kids

The American Camper Report says 40.1 million Americans went camping in 2013, equivalent to 14 percent of the population over the age of six. Most first-time campers went to enjoy nature, get away from the daily grind of home and work, and spend time with family and friends. Significantly, those exposed to camping before the age of […]

Find Your Way Around Orlando with Official Apps

There’s no denying it: many cities around the world are becoming more and more in touch with mobile platforms, and Orlando isn’t falling behind. Last year, the Orlando Sentinel ran a story about how some of Orlando’s theme parks had now taken to offering smartphone-based services to their visitors in order to improve their overall […]

Five Reasons That Michiganders Are the Worst Drivers

Michigan, my current home state, has the worst drivers. But I’m not angry, well not at the moment at least. I’m safely at my desk writing this piece. My Jeep is silently parked in the garage safe from the terrors of the roads in Michigan, and recovering from the barrage of swearing it is exposed […]

5 New York Waterfalls to See This Summer

When it comes to waterfalls in New York Sate, Niagara Falls gets all of the credit.  It’s touristy, there’s lots to do, and it can handle the huge crowds.  But for those of us that don’t like our cascades dressed up as amusement parks, there are plenty of other places to go.  Upstate New York […]