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A Sentimental Journey

I can be a sentimental and emotional guy. A dramatic movie might produce tears. A thoughtful and touching card from my wife will likely give me goosebumps. A tight hug and sweet look from one of my kids will likely melt my heart. But on most occasions I remain dispassionate, able to separate my head […]

Hate; the Final Frontier

Barack Obama had been president-elect for several hours on the morning of Wednesday, November 5, 2008. I stood in the doorway of my high school biology classroom, greeting students and chatting with colleagues. I had placed a large photo of our nation’s new president on the SmartBoard at the front of the room where it […]

How Human Rights will Benefit from Animal Liberation

Many people don’t realize the close connection between animal rights and liberation with human rights and freedom. But the truth is that human rights will become stronger if people work together to help animals around the world who are tortured, confined, and slaughtered every day. From animals that suffer on meat, dairy, egg, and fur […]

They Never Stop & Frisk Old White Guys

In 2006, James Blake was the world’s 4th ranked tennis professional. He won nearly $8,000,000 in career prize money. He spent two years at Harvard. He is handsome and well-dressed. Whilst standing outside the 42nd St. Hyatt in New York City on September 9th, Blake was tackled by a man in a T-shirt and slacks, […]

Struggle Precedes Progress

Somewhere along the lines we got it in our collective American minds that we can have our cake and eat it too.  We have forgotten that when we make our bed, we must, at some point, lie in it.  The past few weeks have brought to the surface an underlying current of biases and prejudices […]

On Heritage, History & the Confederate Flag

I’m Italian and I’m proud of it. My grandparents are first generation American-Italian and I got to spend 25 years on this earth with my great-grandmother who emigrated to the United States from a small Italian village around 1919. With a vibrant dedication to our Italian culture and heritage, our roots run deep. We’ve cultivated […]

Will Greece get a Haircut in the Eurozone?

Just yesterday I decided to take a moment from my usual summer intellectual pursuits (reading comics and playing Clash of Clans) to understand just what the hell is going on in Greece. Each article I read left me more confused than the last. Soon my tabs were full of search results for questions like: What […]

Best Buy and the Father’s Day Gifts Dads Want

The best Father’s Day gift is simply being a dad. I don’t expect anything on Sunday morning but I know my wife and kids have some surprises planned and a few gifts tucked away in the hard-to-see regions of their closets. My kids are in school so there will be a couple of crafts headed […]

To Baltimore

To Baltimore, There was a riot in my home the other night. My 8 year old daughter felt slighted. She was upset and felt that I didn’t listen to her.  Her protest began peacefully, as she pleaded “But Daddy….”  I stopped her. Her actions were not justified. Again she cried “But Daddy…”  but I sent […]

5 Unique Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

Remember what it was like when you were wooing your wife in your early stages of dating? Why not continue that excitement and romantic behavior throughout your marriage? Yes, when everyday life starts to take shape, it may be easy to get into a comfortable routine, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shake things […]