Don’t Follow the Herd

If you lead U-8 and U-10 teams, herdball is a fact of coaching life. Herdball – the clump of half a dozen players that follow the ball all over the field. Do you want to create scoring chances, eliminate a few defensive breakdowns and teach your kids the rudiments of full-field team play? Then, Coach, […]

The Case For the ‘Cuse

I would like to say that this is a story about how I taught my son to pick the teams in his NCAA Tournament bracket, but it’s not.  The simple rule that I have every year is to pick Syracuse.  I can honestly say that since I started picking the winner probably sometime around 12 […]

The Best Policy

Later tonight, Lance Armstrong will be admitting his guilt and participation in years of lying about using performance enhancing drugs to cheat his way to 7 consecutive Tour de France titles in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Whether or not he talks about the people he trampled, ruined, forced out off of his team, defamed, […]

Dear Soccer Dad

Dear Soccer Dad, I hope you are enjoying seeing little Billy run around the field with his little soccer ball. I noticed one thing though, you seem to have a lot to say, whether it’s to me, the other parents, or the coaches. I kindly request that you shut your trap. We don’t care how […]