Ray McDonald: I Know What I Know

I don’t know Ray McDonald. I know a bit about him. I know he is an eight-year NFL veteran.1 I know he was drafted from the University of Florida by the San Francisco 49ers in 2007. I know he is a pretty talented football player; you’d have to be to make an All-Pro team (McDonald […]

The Chicago Legacy

Spring is a great time of year to be a sports fan. March gives us the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments that cripple workplace productivity as people replace spreadsheets and phone calls with box scores and online play-by-play logs. It’s the time of year when NBA and NHL teams really start to jockey for […]

Keep Up the Chatter

I played a number of sports when I was younger. I played for my middle school basketball and baseball teams and I was the starting goalie for my high school floor hockey team. I’ll be the first to admit that I was never the star. I could box out well enough to get my share […]

I Hate Tom Brady

It has been a week since Tom Brady and his New England Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl title. I think I’m finally in a mental place to be able to write the article that I hoped I would never have to write. I may be wrong, but thankfully you won’t be able to see […]

Pro Football Player Speaks Out About Youth Football

Editors’ Note: I am very proud to host the following article, written by former professional football player, Quinn Magnuson. More importantly to me, Quinn is a close personal friend I admire and respect. Beyond his obvious athletic talents, Quinn is an outstanding writer and is easily the best drummer I know. -James ** As a […]

Behind the Bench: It’s All About Having Fun

Even when I first started coaching hockey way back when (last year), I had the sense that making sure my kids were always having fun should be at the top of my list. Not near the top of my list, but at the top of my list. Today, as I evolve from a volunteer coach who simply […]

Domestic Violence and Fantasy Sports

My fantasy football team has a problem and it’s names are Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice.1 The draft for this team’s league was held on August 31st, five days before the NFL’s opening Thursday night game and a week before the opening weekend. At that point, Ray Rice, the starting running back for the Baltimore […]

The Young Athlete’s Bill of Rights

In fall, a parent’s heart turns to back-to-school. And youth sports. Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Gymnastics. We want our kids to participate in sport for so many reasons: 1) To keep them active and healthy 2) To teach them the value of teamwork 3) To help them learn to follow direction and coaching 4) To learn […]

Why I Have to Quit the NFL (for a while)

It’s time for me to quit the NFL. I’m gone until Commissioner Roger Goodell steps down. Any organization which is so unwilling to repudiate a culture of family abuse doesn’t deserve our money. I’m willing to accept a fair amount of dumb behavior from men in their twenties. We all did dumb stuff at that […]

Scores are not results; 3 ways to a good sports experience

Do not confuse the results with the score. Youth sports – such a tricky topic. We want our kids to have fun, but at the same time, we really want them to win. Many parents say they disagree, but with 30 years of youth sports coaching and officiating experience behind me, I feel comfortable stating […]