My Son Loves the Tour de France, and So Do I

Bicycle racing grabbed me hard in 1979. I’d always ridden a bike; as a ski racing kid, I’d heard that Jean-Claude Killy trained off-season on the bike. As a soccer player infatuated with all things Euro, the appeal of riding was natural. But when I hurt my knee in 1978 as a college soccer player, […]

When Young Men Die on their Bikes, I’m Gutted.

Bicycle racing has always been a risky sport. Training on the open roads leaves you at the mercy of motorists; whether careless, drunk, or plain mean-spirited, nearly 5,000 cyclists die at the hands of motor vehicles each year in the US. Cycling in the US means you accept the risks of training on public roads […]

Mite Hockey: Half-Ice or Full-Ice?

If you’re involved in youth hockey right now the ADM needs no introduction. But if you’re just beginning your hockey journey as a parent or coach, ADM stands for American Development Model and is USA Hockey’s “nationwide model for successfully developing American hockey players.” While the ADM is great, and for the first time ever provided […]

Pacquiao Prepares for Farewell Fight

Having seen this generation’s most successful boxer retire last year, it seems only fitting that the man widely-considered the second best in modern times will also hang up his gloves. After finally meeting in the ring after an almost decade long courtship, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao delivered the fight boxing fans had been waiting for. With his […]

San Diego Padres Won’t Be Paying the Cardinals $7.5 Million Until 2018-2019

When the news recently surfaced that the San Diego Padres had traded Jedd Gyorko in a deal that would have the Padres handing $7.5 million over to the St. Louis Cardinals, most of the team’s fans weren’t too happy about the decision because of the cash involved. However, according to more recent reports the Padres […]

Why Golf is Much More than a Physical Game

You might have heard that half of golf is played, not on the greens, but in your head. Why do you think most of the pro’s on the Tour hire psychological coaches to help improve their game? Images of professionals laying on psychiatrist’s chairs probably come to mind, but that’s not what we’re getting at […]

What Kind of Fan are You?

Sports; they are the great go-to for many fathers and kids. As your kids progress through the ranks of youth sport, and you and your kids begin to take in games, live and on TV, it is time to take stock of your behavior as a spectator. Your kids are sponges. What they see from […]

5 Rules of Respect for Youth Sports

Fall is the season for youth sports to swing back into action. Not surprisingly, fall is also the time of year when poor parental behavior at youth sporting events also ramps up. As a long-time coach, coach trainer, and official, I am happy to report that most parents are well-behaved adults. But as a long-time […]

The Athlete’s Guide to College Sports Scholarships

Each year, hundreds of colleges are looking for talented and athletic individuals who they can award an athletic scholarship to. If you’re a talented athlete with potential and drive, you’re definitely in with a chance of getting a sports scholarship to one of the best colleges if you put your mind to it. With the […]

Kids & Golf- 8 Pro-tips, and 4 course reviews

There is no better way for a golfing dad to spend his Father’s Day than playing nine with his kids. I visited several courses early this season, and spoke with the pro staff at each as I asked their guidance in what makes for a “kid-friendly course” and what a course should do to support […]