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United States Laws Regarding the Use of e-Cigs – Still Open to Interpretation

This post was provided by a media company. Dads Round Table was financially compensated for publishing this post. Dads Round Table does not endorse the use of tobacco, tobacco related products, or nicotine. The purpose of this article is to question whether or not vaping and cigarette smoking should be governed by the same laws. When it […]

A Roundtable Review of Pens

David Stanley I like a good pen. A good pen has to have a certain heft and a particular balance. A good pen offers an effortless flow of ink. A good pen is unyielding; the cheap flexy logo-ed pens given out by political candidates are not useful. Size matters- a good pen is of a […]

RTD: KidStir Turns Kids Into Chefs

When my kids started walking we did our best to keep them out of the kitchen, which was also known as a toddler death-trap.  Hot surfaces, liquids and powders flying into eyes, sharp edges trying to remove little appendages; The kitchen is the last room the kids are able to enter independently. What is even harder […]

RTD with Special Guest Abdul Ali

We are pleased to have Abdul join us this week to co-host the #DadsRT and talk about his upcoming book that has themes of fatherhood. Abdul will be giving away a free copy of his book during the chat, and will also have a special promotional code for our community. About the Author Abdul Ali […]

March Madness: Parenting with Addictions

It is no secret that our kids pick up our passions, our habits, and our addictions.  As hard as we try to instill the best of ourselves into each of them, our vices also find their way.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my friends say how they didn’t want to do […]

RTD: Re-Parenting After the Grandparents

My kids have the BEST grandparents in the history of history.  I know this because they are always distraught and upset when they see me arrive to take them home.  I feel Like Dr. Kevorkian or some other Sugar-High Buzzkill because all the fun and laughing seems to stop when I open the door. It […]

RTD: Secrets to Love and Intimacy

In order to create and maintain a long-lasting relationship, there are principles that everyone should consider in how to have the best life together possible.  These may not be the only tips, but they can be applied to anyone and everyone. #5 is that you recognize yourself when you’re with the other person. This doesn’t mean […]

Sexual Time Zones for Parents

Finding time for intimacy can be very difficult when you’re a parent. While the chart below is meant to be humorous, there is a great amount of truth there. Often it seems like spontaneity has to take the backseat to scheduling. How do you find time for intimacy as a busy parent? Is this a […]

RTD: The Evolution of Dating

Dating is stressful. You present your best self to another person and hope they like you. I don’t think that aspect of dating ever changes. Dating does evolve. Before we meet our life partner our dating agenda is much different than after we take the next step, whatever that is. As we age we become […]

RTD: Elf on the Shelf and Other Christmas Bribes

‘Tis the season to teach our kids about the wonders of bribery.  There is nothing better than knowing that for the month of December (and some of November if you work it right) you can get your kids to do just about anything you want them to.  I enjoy this time of year knowing that […]