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Marriage and the Incomplete Man

Marriage and the Incomplete Man

It was a mistake... It didn't mean anything... I was weak. These are phrases that break a family apart. We watch it over and over again as a … [Read more...]

What’s a dad to do- A boy on a swing


I ran into a bit of a conundrum the other day. I wasn’t sure how to respond to a certain situation.  I’m still not sure what I should have done.  In … [Read more...]

5 New York Waterfalls to See This Summer

Letchworth State Park Upper Falls

When it comes to waterfalls in New York Sate, Niagara Falls gets all of the credit.  It's touristy, there's lots to do, and it can handle the huge … [Read more...]

Only in America

US FLAG slider

Only in America*- Can we have a country at its innovative peak… American citizens have never been more innovative. The Brookings Institute … [Read more...]

Don’t Like Gay Marriage? Don’t have one.


I first heard the apocryphal Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times” from my friend Rabbi Mark Goldfarb. Yes, it is apocryphal, but these … [Read more...]

“This Reeks of Mental Ilness”; in praise of Cait Jenner

caitlyn car

“This just reeks of mental illness.” I broke one of my rules this week and read the comments following a newspaper article on Caitlyn Jenner. It … [Read more...]

A Roundtable Review of Pens

Roundtable Review Pens

David Stanley I like a good pen. A good pen has to have a certain heft and a particular balance. A good pen offers an effortless flow of ink. A good … [Read more...]

Bacteria. With Apologies to Dr. Seuss


Bacteria are bad things, most people think. They make people sick and they make roadkill stink. They give you bad breath and they make garbage … [Read more...]

A Roundtable Review of Shaving

Roundtable Review of Shaving

A Roundtable Review is our way to give you more than one perspective on subjects, products, events, and more.  What we will do is include the input of … [Read more...]

Mathematics, with apologies to Dr. Seuss

Math slider image

Everyone’s some kind of mathematician.  It does you no good to be sittin’ and wishin’ That numbers be forever banned from your kitchen. They’re … [Read more...]