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What Dads Are Writing

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I gave hasty notice at a restaurant I worked at once. The owner, a prickish and pretentious chef, asked me why I was leaving. I told him it was … [Read more...]

The Green Ball of Gratitude


I was going to do a lot of other stuff today.   I had great plans, long meaningful lists, spellbinding, heartfelt stories.  Perhaps a retrospective … [Read more...]

A Tradition Unlike Any Other; Golf, the Masters, and the Family

Golf Masters and Family

On this second Sunday in April, 2014, I sat on the edge of the couch with Mort, my 82 year old Dad, and his 21 year old grandson Aaron; my only child. … [Read more...]

Murrysville; Only a Heartbeat Away

Franklin High School

It is 23 miles from Murrysville to Pittsburgh. Today, this morning, at Franklin High School in Murrysville, PA, twenty people were stabbed, in agony … [Read more...]

What Dads Are Writing

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It would seem at first glance that what the blogging world does is, ultimately, a commercial enterprise. From what I gather, people are actually … [Read more...]

One Dads Amazing Response to Something he Saw Online That he Didn’t Like

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By all accounts Tom Wertmeyer is a family man.  Each day his wife goes off to her nursing job at the local hospital leaving him to stay at home with … [Read more...]

7 Things My Kid Can do Better Than Yours


My kid is amazing.  There are so many things that he has mastered in his short little life, that it's really too much to list them all here. It still … [Read more...]

DIY: How to Build a Fancy Fire Pit


I was going to name this blog post, “A Place to Eat my Marshmallows” but we all know that I eat my marshmallows EVERYWHERE. So instead, let’s talk … [Read more...]

How Sports Talk Radio Still Lives in the Dark Ages

Boomer and Carton

I am a big fan of sports talk radio.  As you can imagine though there are a lot of stupid things uttered throughout the course of the day.  Most of … [Read more...]

Battling Cancer: 5 Essential Guidelines for Caregivers


Nobody should fight cancer alone. Everyone deserves a loving caregiver. In the midst of your life's biggest battle, you need an advocate, a rock, and … [Read more...]