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A Simple Act of Defiance


My 12-year-old daughter was defiant toward her substitute teacher this week and I couldn’t be more proud. At first glance, that statement would baffle most of us, including myself. Shouldn’t she be a model student when there’s a substitute in class? Absolutely, yes. However, in this particular case, her defiance was the right thing to […]

It’s All About the Block Button

BLock slider

Fifty years ago, when you wanted to drink a beer, yak about sports, and quite frankly, be with the guys, you went down to the tavern. It was easy to hang out at Mort’s Tavern. It was a little smoky, there was a black and white TV behind the bar with its rabbit ears a-tilt, […]

7 Fall Date Ideas to Bring the Spark Back

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Romance isn’t always the easiest thing to pull off, and some guys have a leg up on others. If you’re looking to put the spark back in your relationship this autumn, check out these simple ideas to make her fall for you all over again. 1. Be Her Personal Chef Take the afternoon off from […]

7 Tips for Great Parent-Teacher Conferences

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It’s early fall, and in most school districts, that means parent-teacher conferences are on tap. Little about education fills a parent with trepidation like parent-teacher conferences. Conferences are a stressful time for everyone; teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Do you want to minimize the stress, and maximize the good efforts of everyone involved with conferences? […]

7 Wonderful “Just Because” Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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  She married you, and you couldn’t be more grateful to have her in your life. What better way to show her how much you love her than by giving her a present just because she’s her? Put a smile on her face and yours with one of these easy, meaningful gifts to make her […]

Need More Time in Your Life? 13 songs to lend a hand


No one has enough time. Not kids. Not adults. Especially not parents. It’s fall, we’re back to school, and we’ve got PTA, PTO, Art Class, Ballet, Cheerleading, Class Council, Football, Golf, Marching Band, Soccer, Tennis, Theater – the list is endless. Here’s a little extra time for you; a baker’s dozen of songs about time. […]

How To Make Your Upcoming Anniversary The Best Yet


How To Make Your Upcoming Anniversary The Best Yet If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your wife on your upcoming anniversary, look no further. Here’s a list of ideas that will make your anniversary perfect. Many couples fall into the same old routine of a nice dinner, but you can easily take it […]

Get Your Butt to Class!

Burning twenty

Many Dads Roundtable parents are in the midst of the “kid holds up the date and new grade placard” back-to school photo season. It’s become a wistful tradition and a great keepsake. For parents of a few 7th through 9th graders, the photos might also serve as a grim reminder of the horrors of their […]

Back to School with NinjaToons

NinjaToons Back to School

As summer is winding down, the floodgates are about to open on all the “back-to-school” reminders for parental preparation. While most of the media focuses on the Common Core standards, it’s refreshing to find articles that reinforce the value of art and creativity, and why it’s so important to a child’s development. In a recent […]

The Best Ways to Create a Fun, Safe Play Room for Your Children

play fort

There is no better feeling for a father than to be involved in the development of his children; unfortunately, we don’t always have the time ourselves to be involved. However, at those times, we should ensure that our children have a safe, fun environment in which to spend their time. One of the best ways […]