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New Addition to the Family – New Tattoo for Dad

tattoo for dad

After the addition of our newest child, Graham, the next logical step was to get a new tattoo commemorating/welcoming the new tiny human into our … [Read more...]

5 Things Wrong With Soccer

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I am not a hater. Every four years I get sucked into the World Cup and I bleed red, white, and blue.  Maybe not exactly, but I become a big fan. … [Read more...]

I got a fever and the cure? More music in the classroom!

marching band

When I was a full-time teacher, in my classroom, music was a constant. Whether or not my students realized it, I used music to influence their … [Read more...]

It Takes A Village


I was checking out the Dad Bloggers Facebook group yesterday - yes, there's a Dad Bloggers Facebook group - and one of the dads had posted a request … [Read more...]

Weeding and Writing; it’s Springtime in Michigan

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In this quarter of Michigan, just to survive our latest winter required heroic effort. Several lengthy periods of below zero temperatures, several … [Read more...]

My Lawn Mower


Like most suburbanites, I have a lawn mower. It is not a fancy self-propelled front wheel drive variable speed with electric start, mulching blade, … [Read more...]

Whit Honea, The Poet Revealed


You may not see a hat that says "Poet" on his head. You may not see her in a long black dress or with flowers in her hair. You may not see him in a … [Read more...]

13 Reasons to Thank a Good Uncle on Father’s Day

boysv.3 (644x481)

Father’s Day is a favorite holiday- my father is with us at 82, closing in fast on 83 – thank you very much bypass surgery, pacemaker, and his ace … [Read more...]

Ten Things About My Kids That Makes Me Happy


This Father's Day I'm reminded of just how lucky I am. I have an amazing wife and two of the best kids in the world.  It's really the only gift that a … [Read more...]

To the Man I Call Dad: A Letter to My Father


To the Man I Call Dad: It's been over 31 years since that day you welcomed your second child into the world. Maybe as a warning of things to … [Read more...]