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The Young Athlete’s Bill of Rights

Kid bike race

In fall, a parent’s heart turns to back-to-school. And youth sports. Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Gymnastics. We want our kids to participate in … [Read more...]

Why I Have to Quit the NFL (for a while)

goodellmust go

It’s time for me to quit the NFL. I’m gone until Commissioner Roger Goodell steps down. Any organization which is so unwilling to repudiate a culture … [Read more...]

One Day At A Time


Learning has always been enjoyable for me. I like understanding why things are the way they are, although, to be honest, I've always been more drawn … [Read more...]

Looking Back at Demons and Infinite Infinities

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Have you seen the movie "The Fault in Our Stars" or have you ever read the book? It's a love story of tragic proportions. Two souls who cross paths at … [Read more...]

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A Late August Letter from Michigan

image via

In late August, the temperature has been pushing into the mid-80s (see footnote 1) with humidity to match. Nonetheless, it’s clear that fall is on its … [Read more...]

A Little Weirdness is Good


“People are strange,” said Jim Morrison, “when you’re a stranger.” As much as I love the Doors, I don’t doubt that if a drug and alcohol-addled Jim … [Read more...]

The Gift of Reality Perspective

HAAP Media Ltd.

A few months ago, my family and I decided to go to Sunday Mass.  We have 5 kids (including a 14 month old), so going to church is the ultimate … [Read more...]

New Addition to the Family – New Tattoo for Dad

tattoo for dad

After the addition of our newest child, Graham, the next logical step was to get a new tattoo commemorating/welcoming the new tiny human into our … [Read more...]

5 Things Wrong With Soccer

HAAP Media Ltd.

I am not a hater. Every four years I get sucked into the World Cup and I bleed red, white, and blue.  Maybe not exactly, but I become a big fan. … [Read more...]

I got a fever and the cure? More music in the classroom!

marching band

When I was a full-time teacher, in my classroom, music was a constant. Whether or not my students realized it, I used music to influence their … [Read more...]