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The Kissing Program

church hugging

It happened to me again on Friday night. It’s happened to you; Friday at noon, perhaps on Saturday morning, or Sunday morning. The religious service … [Read more...]

The End of the Gender Reveal Party

baby shoes

Give me an excuse to party and I am there. That being said, please don't invite me to your "Gender Reveal Party."  Gender Reveal Parties are NOT A … [Read more...]

A Kid at the orchard; a leader at Bed,Bath and Beyond

Montrose orchard

This Saturday past, my Lovely Cath and I went to Montrose Orchard. Montrose is a tiny rural community, about twenty minutes north of our home. It is a … [Read more...]

This be Our Verse. 1


DadBloggers are people, too. We write about what we see. We pass on wisdom that we’ve acquired. We share funny moments. We fight the fight for … [Read more...]

Round Table Round Up: Fears, Evils, and Sorrows OH MY!


Somethings in life just can't be explained. Others can be explained with a degree of certainty. And when all else fails, we can usually explain things … [Read more...]

7 Signs You’re Getting Old


I turn 41 this week. It's not old in the grand scheme of things, but I can start to feel old age settling in.  It's creeping up on me more and more … [Read more...]

Don’t Hit Your Kids, Dammit!

mark for vetta pse jane

Look, this is not complicated. We are Homo sapiens. “Thinking Man.” Think for a moment about how you teach your kids right from wrong. I think you … [Read more...]

The Young Athlete’s Bill of Rights

Kid bike race

In fall, a parent’s heart turns to back-to-school. And youth sports. Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Gymnastics. We want our kids to participate in … [Read more...]

Why I Have to Quit the NFL (for a while)

goodellmust go

It’s time for me to quit the NFL. I’m gone until Commissioner Roger Goodell steps down. Any organization which is so unwilling to repudiate a culture … [Read more...]

One Day At A Time


Learning has always been enjoyable for me. I like understanding why things are the way they are, although, to be honest, I've always been more drawn … [Read more...]