Call it potpourri if you will, or even topic soup. Our 'other' category features a dash of humor, a sprinkle of home projects and tips, and a good helping of articles not found in the other categories. Sit down and enjoy a heaping helping of intentional randomness. It's on the house!

Understanding Common Core

It appears that I have touched on an hot topic when I posted my view of Common Core. Thank you for all who have shared and passed along my … [Read more...]

The Case for Common Core


I work in education so I hear a lot about Common Core.  I currently work with the Registrar, and while I don't teach yet, I recently received my … [Read more...]

7 Things There Should be Vaccines For

pills barbecue

I don't know why the online vaccination debate pops up all the time.  Someone posts an article about the importance getting a vaccination, then the … [Read more...]

My Type: Tall, Cute, and Goofy

Courtesy Haap Media Ltd.

When I first met my husband, I told him that I’d never date him. Yes, I’m obviously a woman of my word. But let me back up to the beginning… I … [Read more...]

Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana


It's no secret that my family likes to travel.  We've taken our kids on cruises, trips to Europe, road trips to Canada, cross country flights... … [Read more...]

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A January Letter-a month to get things done

Mac Bridge in Winter

It’s midwinter in Michigan. January gives us nine hours of sunlight every twenty-four. We get about two murky hours of rising sun in the morning and … [Read more...]

Being 18 at 32

Courtesy HAAP Media Ltd.

It was the fall of 2001. Despite the challenges, I had managed to graduate high school months before hand and was on my way to college. A bible … [Read more...]

7 People I Can’t Stand During a Michigan Winter

SUV in Snowbank

My hometown, Flint, Michigan, is at 43 degrees North latitude- nearly midway between the North Pole and the Equator. This is a temperate zone- warm in … [Read more...]

Stopping by the Funeral Home on a Chilly Evening

teen vigil

The early winter of 2014-15 has not been the best of times. My wife’s good friend Donna lost her husband to a brain tumor on December 12. He had also … [Read more...]

My Christmas Ornament Obsession

Christmas ornament

I LOVE Christmas. It really is the most glorious time of the year (except for that perfect Fall day with a bonfire and changing leaves… or any day … [Read more...]