Forget the kids! 5 Tips for Parents at Back to School Time

Back to school time can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your work situation, if your kid(s) have stated for the 500th time that they are “boooooooooored”, or one of you just isn’t ready for the crazy schedule to start back up for another year. By now, you’ve probably read a gazillion articles […]

Roundtable Review: Boom Bat

I have an unfair advantage when it comes to being a parent in the Summer.   I am a teacher,  and even though I don’t have the salary that causes envy,  I do have a schedule that makes people jealous.   I have summers off,  and get to spend them with my family.  While memories are being […]

Turning Sadness Inside Out

A couple of weeks ago, on Father’s Day, in fact, Trudy and I took Eitan to the movies to see Inside Out. We had not made any significant plans for Father’s Day, aside from having dinner with my in-laws, partially due to the threat of inclement weather and partially due to the fact that the […]

Why You Need to Date Your Kids

Remember when you used to date your sweetheart? That time together helped establish your relationship. You learned more about each other. You talked. You laughed. You cried. You became great friends. You fell in love. What a great cycle! Guess what? A similar pattern will help strengthen your relationship with each of your children. One […]

When You Shame Your Kid, You Embarrass Yourself

Stocks. Pillories. Ducking stools. Foot roasting. Hacking off a hand. All efforts by small minded people to correct another’s behavior. All consigned to the dim mists of history. Unless you are a parent with a very limited set of parenting skills, in which case, public shaming and humiliation seem to be all the rage. You […]

This Post is Daddy-Proof

I’m a blogger. In many cases, I’m a Dadblogger. Because I write about fatherhood and child-raising, and teen-raising, and young adult-raising, I am attuned to the attitudes of those in the media who shape the world’s image of fathers and mothers. I watch commercials and read ads through a jaundiced eye that is ready to […]

Nostalgia makes things seem cooler

My kids and I were sitting around this weekend and I was reminiscing about days gone by. I was telling them about how I used to wake up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. I would sit in front of the TV for hours with a bowl of cereal and I would stare. I told […]

Oren Miller: Father, Blogger, and Missed Man

“I believe in heaven on Earth, and I believe it is found anywhere you seek it.” These are the lasting words written by a man who changed the world just shortly before his death. Oren Miller, a well-known and respected dad blogger, had no intention and no idea he would change the world the way […]

Arnie. Part VI.

Funerals may be for the benefit of the living, but this one certainly resembled Arnold.  Arnold was an inveterate letter writer, and even in dying, he kept his correspondence until he could write no more. At the end, he had his mail read to him.  Arnold’s surviving son Robert (he lost his other son, Bruce, […]

I Learned it by Watching You!

We certainly appear to have it all together. In public, most people would bet their lives that there is never even a hint of conflict in the Drago household. In fact, just last night we were invited over to dinner at another family’s house, and the end of the evening was quite predictable. Our gracious […]