The Best Vase Ever

In our house, we are big believers in the dictum anima sana in corpore sano (1). Translated from the Latin, it means, roughly, a sound mind in a sound body. In our house, it meant that as an twelve year old boy, one must do more than smack tennis balls and read Harry Potter. Not that […]

Yes, and … (a better way to listen)

As parents, we all have a set of mantras for use with our kids. It’s verbal shorthand that lets us direct and/or re-direct our children’s thoughts and/or behaviors.  Think back to the last time you were out with the kids: Gently you say to your hyper-rambunctious daughter prone to pushing and tugging. Use your words […]

You Kids These Days. Harumph.

As a college student in late 1970s, on an evening’s walk down the dorm hall, the sound of distant horses at a gallop was common. It was the sound of students and their typewriters -tap tap tap tappity tap tap ah shit tap tap tappity crap taptaptap –at work on papers. The ah shit and […]

Let Them Fail

My kid is not so much of a kid anymore. In twenty days’ time, he is twenty-three years old. He’s doing okay; still feeling his way, but nearly all of the self-doubt which surrounded him when he returned from college three years ago has vanished. You might remember the story, or you can read part […]

7 Best Lego Sets to Buy This Holiday Season

I love Legos. I think I love them more than my kids do.  Over the years Lego sets have been the go to gift around the holidays.  Whenever someone would ask me what they can get my boys, I would always tell them to get a Lego set.  Now thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks […]

The Slow Crawl of Bonding

My wife and I have three children, all of them through adoption. As their dad, I have a deep devotion to them, as it should be. I adore my children. The fact that they lack my genes doesn’t make me feel less of a dad to them than I would if they were biologically from […]

Schrodinger’s Orange; A Zen talk with my son

  Why an orange, kiddo? Whaddaya mean, dad, “why an orange?” Just that, why an orange? Why not? Well, what makes an orange an orange? Um, duh, look at it. Geez, dad. Okay, and again I ask you, “Why an orange?” Uh, Dad? Hello. What color is it? Color? How does that help me understand […]

What Kids Think About Gay Marriage

I will be honest, I was initially worried about the types of questions I would have to answer or address when taking my kids to a wedding ceremony for someone close to me, who happens to be gay.  I soon realized that my worries were unfounded.  My kids are 8 and 5, and even the […]

Frugal Guide to Buying Toys

Toys are expensive. These days it seems even cheap toys are expensive. Whether or not Christmas is just around the corner or you can still see it in the rearview mirror, parents are always buying toys. Why? Besides birthdays, we celebrate just about everything these days. For some reason we feel these celebrations should come […]

Beggars; Can I be a Chooser?

  There is a strip mall several miles from my house which houses several of my favorite stores-Bed, Bath & Beyond,Target, my hair cutter Sharon at Bo-Rics, Petsmart – and for the last few years, whenever I pull out of the complex, I stare into the face of the same beggar. He’s a young guy, […]