Strategies to Fight Depression

Editor’s note: This post was published a few years ago but the message is still relevant – and will continue to be. The topic of mental health and mental illness has been in the news feeds a lot lately so we decided to send this post back to the front page. Take care of yourself so […]

The Flint Water Crisis: It’s not just the water

This Just In (updated 2/12/16) Gov. Snyder, after ‘choosing’ not to testify before a House Democratic subcommittee, has agreed to testify under oath. CLICK HERE for a statement from Congressman Dan Kildee (Dem-MI) This Just In (Updated 2/10/16): On Legionnaire’s Disease. Of late, the issue of Legionnaire’s Disease has been conflated with the leaded water of the Flint […]

How to Treat Man’s Skin During Winter?

Yes! Today, let’s talk a little bit about man’s beauty. Nobody likes dry and sensitive skin, but during winter months, this is the daily problem many men face. To be fair, taking a good care of yourself and your skin is nothing wrong. In fact, if you use just three simple tricks and add one […]

Why Stress and Depression in Kids and Teens Should Not be Ignored

It can be fairly easy to assume your kids’ problems are little more than normal, school age occurrences. After all, they are in a loving home, they are not being bullied, they are doing OK with their grades, and so really they don’t have any problems beyond the odd disagreement with a friend, a bit […]

Four Ways to Ditch the Dad Bod

There was much talk earlier this year about the fashionable “Dad Bod” as popularized by notable celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Vin Diesel. A lesser man might have seen Leo with this gaggle of buxom beauties on his yacht, observed the actor’s protruding gut and otherwise slobbish appearance, and found themselves thinking that this […]

Keeping Your Sanity in a Money Driven World

Collecting a paycheck is annoying. Collecting a paycheck that allows you to live a financially independent lifestyle is near impossible. In theory, there’s probably another way that doesn’t involve giving into the financial rat race, but none of us will ever see it. Removing the web of money from society would take a catastrophic event and I’m […]

How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep When You Have Back Pain

Nothing beats crawling into bed beneath crisp cotton sheets, snuggling up with your better half, and then heading to the Land of Nod for a blissful eight hours. Unfortunately for many people this is but a dream. Instead of a restful night’s sleep, they end up tossing and turning, unable to find a comfortable spot […]

How to Keep Your Children Protected from the Summer Sun

Protecting your children’s delicate skin from the sun’s harsh rays will ensure that their skin doesn’t burn and that it doesn’t become damaged. This is important because burns that occur in childhood can actually affect the health of their skin when they are adults. Teach your kids from an early age that it’s important to […]

6 Bad Habits to Kick Before It’s Too Late

Everyone has a couple of bad habits they’ve had a hard time kicking, or maybe there are a few good habits they’ve had a hard time picking up. While most of us could probably stand to eat a bit healthier and exercise a bit more, there are a few bad habits that everyone should make […]

How to Get More Active This Summer

The arrival of warm weather presents a great opportunity to adjust your lifestyle to include more outdoor activity. But if you’re not normally the type to be active and you are feeling a bit intimidated about starting, it can be hard to figure out what sorts of activities will be good for you. Here is […]