Dads Mental Health

Mental Health is the elephant in the men’s room.   Think it’s difficult to get Dad to see the doctor, try getting him to see a mental health professional.  How many of you know Movember was created to raise awareness about prostate cancer and male mental health?  The following oversimplified list was provided to me by my counselor. I call it, […]

Taking Time to Appreciate Mothers

This was originally published on Mother’s Day and is being re-posted in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month and all of the women in our lives. Put down the flowers and back away from the box of chocolates. What is this, “my first office romance” or actual marriage?  Marriage is war, people.  A box of […]

Go Outside and Live!

  I’m bored… Go outside and play!   Outside!  Outside is even boring-er than inside! I was an outdoor kid.  Other than meals, sleeping, and school, I was outside.  I don’t remember ever saying I was bored unless I was trapped inside because the weather was really bad.  Thankfully, my kids are outdoor kids too because it drives […]

Fights. Sex.

This post comes rooted and inspired from a couple places: the counselor my wife and I saw when we were engaged, a couple arguments we’ve had over the years and how I acted in them, and the book I’m currently reading (Healing the Masculine Soul). Like good sex, a good argument means that a husband […]