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What You Need to Know About Star Wars Fans

We know Star Wars is a very profitable franchise. Yep. We heard about Disney. We know the clothing racks and toy aisles are overflowing with Star Wars swag. And we understand the extensive “News Coverage” surrounding the filming of the upcoming movies is promotional and a chance for bloggers and networks to accrue pageviews and […]

The Apple Watch is not a Watch

The Apple Watch is on the streets. It is a lovely product. It is functional, and no doubt, it keeps good time. But what is is, is not a watch. It is a tool; an elegant computer that one wears on the wrist, but that doesn’t make it a watch. A watch has a specific […]

Top 5 TV Cartoon Dads

The obvious choices for top TV Cartoon Dads aren’t necessarily the greatest dads, they’re just the most popular. In creating this list, I went beyond Homer, Fred, and Peter to the dads in their shadows. Number 5: Joe Swanson Joe does his best to be a model citizen and for the most part is a […]

Things I’d like Invented Since Becoming a Dad

I invent things all the time, in my mind. The only problem is, I don’t actually make any of it. Some of it is stuff I think would be really innovative and make me a trillion dollars, but I’ll do that later. This morning, I sit here at 5:30am typing this post out at such a […]

Clash of Clans: Guide for Parents

The first three sections below address parental concerns. Following, if you are interested in playing Clash of Clans, I have a section for strategies that have been very useful for me. Is Clash of Clans safe for my kids to play unsupervised? As with anything, it depends on the age of your children and your family […]

Selective Nerdism; Get Some!

Once again, it is time to out myself. I am a nerd. Not your garden variety superhero comic book lego-loving nerd, but a nerd, just the same. What I have is selective nerdism. If you are looking for Marvel hoodies, I can tell you I don’t have any. But what I do have are a […]

Statistical Overload in a Digital World

It’s tough living in the digital world we live in. I mean, sure, we have touch-screen phones and all, and there are many conveniences that we enjoy that our forefathers did not. But life in the digital age is drowned in statistics. Many of those statistics, their purpose is to help you maximize life; instead, […]

Jar Jar is the Gateway Drug to Star Wars

Like most Star Wars fans my age, I was an adult when The Phantom Menace was released and like my peers, I quickly grew to dislike Jar Jar Binks. When I first watched Episode I with my kids I was disappointed all over again. Jar Jar Binks is the reason my kids liked Star Wars. At first […]

Nerd Perspective: San Diego Comic-Con International

 Comic-Con International: San Diego is the grand–daddy of all comic convention and so much more. Founded in 1970 it was originally called the Golden State Comic Book Convention and it was exactly that. It was a gathering of people who loved comics, held by people who loved comics. As the convention grew through the years it […]

3 Reasons to See Guardians of the Galaxy

I wasn’t always of fan of Cosmic Marvel, until recently and it started with the Annihilation story line.  In this story and unstoppable force from another dimension rips through the universe decimating every civilization in crosses.  After reading this, I found myself picking Guardians of the Galaxy and I found a comic I did not […]