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Great Christmas Gifts for Gamers

  With Christmas just around the corner, now is a good time to start planning your Christmas shopping list. Yes, you could get your gaming friends and relatives a cozy pair of socks to keep their feet warm during three-day gaming marathons, but there are lots of other, more exciting, gifts available for gaming enthusiasts. […]

7 Best Lego Sets to Buy This Holiday Season

I love Legos. I think I love them more than my kids do.  Over the years Lego sets have been the go to gift around the holidays.  Whenever someone would ask me what they can get my boys, I would always tell them to get a Lego set.  Now thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks […]

When Children’s Books Become Television Shows

Whenever a book is adapted for film, my initial reaction is disappointment. Can’t it just stay a book? More often than not, I watch the movie. More often than not, the book is better than the film. To be fair, I think novelizations of film are rarely as good as the movie. Movies should be […]

Adlens-the Ultimate Adjustable Focus Eyewear

Hair goes grey. Midsections bulge and sag. High frequency hearing fades. All symptoms of middle-age. Easy to understand the changes, easy-ish to accept. However, nobody told me about this vision issue. I’ve been myopic since 6th grade. About 20-80 in the left eye and 20-30 in the right. Glasses and contact lens solved the problem. […]

Best Tech for Capturing Memories

Scrapbooks, photos and home videos are the traditional ways of preserving and keeping precious memories; yet, oftentimes, these scrapbook projects and memory cards full of photos and videos sit collecting dust. Alternatively, today’s tech allows you to capture and share special moments with the entire family. Here are just a few apps and tools that […]

5 Best Keyring and Keychain Replacements (Plus 2 Bonuses)

I’m a planner. I look ahead at upcoming holidays, events, the next day’s schedule—you name it. I’m also not ashamed to admit that I probably need to carry a purse. No, not in a “fashiony” sort of way, but because I hate, nay, loathe being unprepared. This inevitably causes me to wind up carrying around […]

State of Social Part III – Offline Relationships

This is the last of three posts regarding social and social media stuff from me (for now.) Regardless if social media interests you or not, read all the way through this post. There’s a little something for you at the end. The day before yesterday, I talked about how we are failing as social animals, social […]

State of Social Part II – Community

Good to see you again! So yesterday’s post, State of Social, Part I – Coming Back After a Year and a Half, sounded a little like a rant and a lot like desperate plea for followers on Twitter. If you haven’t read it yet, stop now and go take a look so you know what […]

State of Social, Part I – Coming Back After a Year and a Half

Do you consider yourself a “social” person? IRL (in real life)? What about on Social Media? There are still a lot of “experts” stating you need to be, but I’m not seeing many folks putting their tweets where their advice is. I recently spent about a year and a half away from writing and being […]

Click on THIS or the Puppy DIES!

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, better than clickbait. Clickbait makes one feel morally and intellectually superior to those who believe that: this one weird trick will rid you of your belly fat there is one food you should never eat if you want higher levels of testosterone you’ll never believe what happened next what happened […]