BeerWise Dads: What’s in your beer?

Considering the huge selection of beer styles available, it’s easy to forget most of these brews are made with only 4 ingredients: malt, yeast, water, and hops. In this installment of BeerWise Dads we’re going to take a quick look at the four main ingredients of beer to give you a better understanding of what’s […]

Of Taste and Family: Food is Healing

It started with the knife.  It continued with another knife. Afterwards, from layers deep within, came a new beginning.  A fresh start. Raw, but not alone. Seasoned and simmering; the creator of two great tastes. Awaiting what’s next. Ready for what’s next. But the outcome was always known. The outcome was always her own. Dedicated […]

BeerWise Dads: Why is Craft Beer so Expensive?

We are going to explore why craft beer is so expensive in this installment of BeerWise Dads. Before you can understand why craft beer is expensive you have to understand why big-brand beer is so cheap. Big-brand brewers like Budweiser and Heineken have worked hard to become household names. In their beginnings they too were small brewers […]

BeerWise Dads: Craft Beer 101

Welcome to BeerWise Dads, an exciting new series here on DadsRT that’s all about Craft Beer. Craft Beer has become a buzzword in the beer drinking world.  It seems every day a new craft brewery opens up with an impressive assortment of the world’s oldest long-drink.  BeerWise Dads was created to help make sense of […]

Best Burger a Charcoal Grill Has to Offer

My family is big on grilling.  If it is even remotely nice we are firing up the grill.   This has given me the opportunity to test and re-test recipes many of which are just OK but other ones have quickly become a family favorite, like my, Best Burger a Charcoal Grill has to Offer.  With spring here and […]

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Of Taste and Family: Be Yourself

This is a mixed world; people of every type and variety. In the beginning, it’s hard to know who you are…what you will become. Eventually though, you materialize into the person you are meant to be. To others, and even yourself, it might not look so at first. But over time, if you continue to […]

Of Taste and Family: Hands on a Miracle

Everything that we survived. It’s gonna be alright, just lucky we’re alive. Got no vision, I’ve been blind. Searchin’ everywhere, You’re right here in my sights. I got my hands on a miracle. And there ain’t no way, let you take it away. Foo Fighters: Hands on a Miracle

Together As One

Alone, we stand proud.  Colorful and unique. Yet raw, we often feel.  Vulnerable and exposed. Together, we are beautiful.  Complimentary and different. Intertwined, our lives become.  Coming and going. Garnished, is our love.  Heartfelt and true. Perfection, we become.  Amazing and pure. Family, we are.  Together as one.   Brad the Dad can be reached […]

The Family Dinner

There is always a lot of discussion about the importance of having a family meal with your kids. For my family, like a lot of others, that meal is dinner. I honestly wish that it wasn’t. I find dinner time to be THE most stressful part about my whole day. There is a huge preparation […]