Of Taste and Family: The Wizard of Pasta

Of Taste and Family: Don’t Turn Back

Starting is the easy part. A change in direction; a new spin on life. But can it blend with what you already have going on? Or will it fade into the background, replaced by the unforeseen? All you can really do is focus on the key parts. Mixing in the rest after. And while the […]

My First Beer was Local

We were taking a break from picking roots and rocks out of the summerfallow field.  Whether or not you know what I’m talking about, just know this is backbreaking farm work.  Nothing makes hard work harder than dry heat in a bare field, and this day was a scorcher. My grandpa always drank coffee.  No matter […]

Quick and Easy Pizza Muffins

Kids love pizza and parents love variety. This quick and easy recipe takes all the ingredients your kids already love and puts them together in a different way. They are delicious left over for lunch and they freeze very well. How to Make Pizza Muffins My wife is the chef in our house and makes […]

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5 Things You Should Be Doing When Cooking with Kids

Under the watchful eye of a parent, the kitchen can be a fascinating world for children to explore. New smells, tastes and sounds come together to create a unique hands-on learning environment right in your own home. As you begin to involve your kids in food preparation more often, we suggest keeping these 5 things in mind: 1. […]

Of Taste and Family: The Boys

They say friends are the family you choose, and I feel very fortunate to have ones that I can comfortably call “brothers.”  I love that now when we get together I get to watch our little selves run around and play with each other, but a part of me definitely misses the frequency in which […]

Of Taste and Family: Summer Is Here

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BeerWise: Fruit Beer

With summer just around the corner you’ve probably noticed an influx of beers featuring fruity flavors at your local carrier.  This timely edition of BeerWise will explore the history of fruit beer and the rise of fruit beer in the Craft Beer revolution. Before we go any further I need to clarify the difference between […]

BeerWise Dads: In Defense of Lager

A beer is either a lager or an ale.  The technical difference has to do with yeast and fermentation.  As a result of fermentation-style are significant differences in flavor, body, and effervescence.  In this installment of BeerWise Dads we are going to explore the virtues of lager and try to redeem this style of beer from […]

Of Taste and Family: Glad You Came

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