The Magic of (Rudolph’s) Pork Rinds

Since I was diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, crispy pillows of pigskin goodness have become my go-to salty snack. Yes, that. Pork rinds. Me amo chicharrones,indeed. Thanks to the nice people at Rudolph’s Pork Rinds (yes, this is a sponsored post), I received a small case of pork rinds with the challenge to put them […]

How to Make A Campfire Pizza

Campfire food tastes so much better than regular food. Probably because it is so high in the holy trinity of flavor: salt, sugar, and fat. Campfire Pizzas are no exception to this rule. The added bonus is they are super easy to make. Like a grilled cheese sandwich, you butter a couple pieces of white […]

Of Taste and Family: Taste of Chelmsford

Recently I wrote about a fundraising event in my town called Taste of Chelmsford. Below are some of the pictures from this event, and while this isn’t my own cooking, it is my photography. I feel that this night embodies all of the same aspects (and more) that my food and photography series does, thus it […]

Cans vs. Bottles: BeerWise

Everybody knows bottled beer tastes better than canned beer. Does it really? Smell greatly affects taste. Remember how you’d pinch your nose when you had to take awful tasting medicine when you were a kid? Pinching your nose made the medicine virtually flavorless, until you let go. When you tip back a can of beer, […]

How to impress the in-laws with Puerto Rican cooking

Congratulations! You’ve been married for a few months now, and you’ve settled into a little routine. You’ve got your first place all set up with your mis-matched furniture, plates, glasses, and pretty much everything else as you and your bride have not only merged your lives, but your earthly possessions into one apartment the size […]

The Complete Guide to Eating Placenta

Placentophagy (eating placenta after childbirth) is believed to provide health benefits for the mother. Supposedly it can help with lactation, pain tolerance, energy, and postpartum depression. Other than postpartum depression, most placentophagists believe the chemicals and hormones contained in the placenta quicken the rate at which the uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy state; i.e. it helps […]

What Makes Super Bowl Sunday Super?

T.S Eliot was full of crap. April is not the cruelest month. The cruelest month isn’t even  a month at all. The cruelest month is the time period between early January, when the last college bowl game is played, and Valentine’s Day, when one can see March at the end of the seasonal tunnel. I […]

BeerWise: Serve Beer this Thanksgiving

There is a hilarious parody of Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving where the “trailer park” family is feasting on KFC and washing it down with Bud. This parody speaks volumes about the stereotypes we have about beer. Beer isn’t fancy. Drinking beer at a formal family function is trashy. I’m here to say that like wine, beer […]

Of Taste and Family: Practice Makes Perfect

Starting over again. Sometimes with different mechanics, but the basics are always the same. Always about preparation.  All about pride. Stretching yourself again and again. Improving at every turn. Your final product never complete, even when done.

BeerWise: Fall Beers

As we say good-bye to the crisp lagers and fruit beers of summer, we say hello to the stronger, darker ales of fall.  Before you judge the beer world too harshly for this year’s vast array of fall beer offerings, you should know the fall beer tradition came thousands of years before the Pumpkin Spice […]