Hey Budweiser-Can that New Can!

Budweiser, in a move that should shock everyone familiar with their product’s archetypal can, has decided to rename their flagship Budweiser brand “America.” The restyled can will be used from this summer through the November election. It’s not just the name that has been changed. The iconic can has been redesigned in a move that […]

The Pulled Pork & Spaghetti Casserole. Genius!

You love pulled pork. Crispy bark; sweet & spicy & salty. Inside meat with the smell of lovely wood smoke that melts in your mouth like buttah. You love spaghetti. A little chewy, a little slurpy, a little nutty. It’s fall; the time for long cooking stews and casseroles that fill the house with odors […]

Easy Back To School Dinners You Probably Forgot About

It’s that time of year again.  The kids are back in school and things are becoming more chaotic by the day.  The last thing any of us want to hear at the end of the day is the screeching, “What’s for dinner!!??” Here are six kid approved dinners that you can make affordable, healthy, and […]

Ravenswood Zin, Barque Smokehouse, & Pork. Yes, please.

(This is a sponsored post.)*** In 1976, Joel Peterson began making wine at his Ravenswood vineyard near Sonoma, California. In a happy coincidence, I turned 18, then the age of majority in my home state of Michigan, that same summer. Having grown up in a house where wine was a regular part of meals, it […]

Extremely Ethical Diet

After reading a vegan argument against the consumption of eggs, I began seriously thinking about the ethics of eating. To quickly rehash the argument, Laying Hens are selectively bred to produce eggs of an unnaturally large size and at unnaturally high rate which is consequently detrimental to the quality of life of the hen. In short, eating […]

How to be a Spatch-cock Chicken Grillmaster

Cooking chicken on a grill is treacherous. Do we do beer can the bird? Or do we cook parts? Do you know how to maintain a two-tier fire; one area for searing, the other to cook the bird through low and slow? And doesn’t white meat cook at a different rate than dark meat? How […]

5 Easy Food and Beer Pairings for Summer

Add a little culture to this year’s Independence Day grill-fest and be the star of your gathering! Here is five of the most common fare for the 4th and suggestions for beer pairing categories to offer alongside. Let’s face it. Food and wine or beer pairings are highly scientific processes that not everyone understands or […]

a dad and his coffee house

I have always enjoyed supporting independent businesses whenever I can, and coffee houses are especially a draw for me. We can chalk this up to my addiction to profound appreciation of coffee. There’s this coffee house that I started to frequent many years ago, that I spotted while driving to work one day in Visalia, […]

If That’s a Dairy Product, then I’m the Cookie Monster

Some things in life should be sacrosanct. McDonalds French fries. Mom’s pot roast. Guinness. York peppermint patties. Half and half for my coffee. Well, good job, lab-based dairy science people, and your corporate lackey National Dairy Council. You really screwed the pooch with this one: Fat-Free Half & Half. The concept of half & half […]

Of Taste and Family: Made for Each Other

  “Ran Off in the Night” — Echosmith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtHNTFLcF5I