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The Most Romantic Story of All Time

The following story is true. The names have been changed. My friend Guy honestly feels that he was not being romantic but just doing what was right. To him, being a father was mandatory and falling in love was a bonus. Don’t hate him because he’s such a great guy; hate him because he’s French!  […]

A Hanukkah Poem

‘Twas the month before Hanukkah The leaves had been turning Though it should have been cold The weather was burning.1 Thanksgiving had passed Black Friday came and went We avoided buyer’s remorse Despite the money we spent. But the music had started (A bit later, to be fair) The onslaught of Christmas Could be felt […]

My New Song: Novocaine

This summer I recorded 3 songs with my old band, The Furleys (read Back in the Saddle). This song is titled, Novocaine. Enjoy.

Create Your Own Cornhole Game Set

By now, I’m sure all you respectable dads out there know what cornhole is. If you’ve never heard of cornhole, it’s probably because you know it by another name–does corn toss, bags, baggo, or soft horseshoes ring a bell? If you are still drawing a blank, I am very disappointed in you. Cornhole is one […]

This be Our Verse. 1

DadBloggers are people, too. We write about what we see. We pass on wisdom that we’ve acquired. We share funny moments. We fight the fight for parental equality. We use our platform to share and teach and learn and entertain. Sometimes, we even get a bit of free stuff to promote. But mostly, we write […]

The Story of Grem and Acer

They were cars. Two lemons to be exact. Two lemons of little note. Exactly the way the two of them wanted it. For the most part… “What do I care?” Grem whined in his shrill voice. “It’s better off they never notice us. We aren’t supposed to be noticed, remember?” “You’re always so dramatic,” complained Acer. […]

Goggle Men Invade Earth

My son created the Goggle Men characters while playing with his Legos. He’s 4. He ripped the body off of a Lego Man and discovered the remaining leg portion has two posts on top where the body attaches. He said it looked like legs wearing goggles and decided to name it Goggle Man. Soon all […]

Nerd Perspective: San Diego Comic-Con International

 Comic-Con International: San Diego is the grand–daddy of all comic convention and so much more. Founded in 1970 it was originally called the Golden State Comic Book Convention and it was exactly that. It was a gathering of people who loved comics, held by people who loved comics. As the convention grew through the years it […]

Back in the Saddle

Many moons ago I played with a couple of amazing musicians, Quinn and Cam. We called ourselves The Furleys. We wrote songs, played shows, and recorded an album. One day I had to say good-bye to Quinn, Cam, and The Furleys. This good-bye is not a dramatic rock band fallout story. My wife and I […]

The Father’s Day day; w/apologies to Dr. Seuss

Father’s Day day is the best day of all. You’re awakened in bed by your creatures so small. Those wee tiny people who sleep down the hall will rouse you with gifts which they bought at the mall. “C’mon Dad, open presents!” they squeal with delight. They bought you cool stuff, like a hat with […]