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My wife Chris snores. Not the “isn’t she cute when she sleeps?” snores, but “truck heading up a steep road in low gear” snores. I am a light sleeper, and a picky sleeper. I like it cool, very dark, and I require a background drone. On the other hand, I can sleep anywhere, in any […]

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Parting Shot

Note from the author: Parting Shot is a short story written as a personal writing exercise. In 2011, I founded and ran a critique community for writers, but passed the site to someone else due to military obligations. I still wanted to write micro-fiction on my blog when I had time to—I enjoyed the critique and feedback. This is […]

Adventures in Potty Training

Over the past 12 months my wife and I have been peed on, pooped on and cleaned up more human waste than a janitor in an elementary school. The only thing missing from our potty training adventure is the large yellow industrial bucket and those flakes the custodian uses to cover vomit. This month marks […]


Originally written to a writing prompt I issued, Initiation came to be as a nod to Clerks and Clerks 2, two of the funniest movies out there. Here’s the prompt: Prompt: You are suddenly (and unexpectedly) thrust into the position of substitute—indefinitely. Give us the details. Do you survive or is your next wardrobe purchase a straightjacket? Hope you enjoy the […]

Dads & Doulas

Let me set the scene. My wife is a couple of months pregnant with our first child and we’re discussing who we want in the delivery room. I’m about to learn a new word — doula. “I want to hire a doula,” she told me. “A what?” I say. “A doula — a birth coach […]

Technology and Toddlers: Too Much, Too Soon?

There’s a phrase we hear often from our toddler: “I want to play with the iPad.” Every time I hear it I’m conflicted about his pending technology addiction. On one hand, it’s fascinating to me that he already knows how to perform some basic functions on a technological device that he will grow up using. […]

Confessions of a Former Fantasy Football Addict

My fantasy football addiction got so bad that for a time I thought I might have to consult a 12-step program. Here was a typical Sunday in my house: DirectTV piped in the NFL package, which was split off to two television sets while a third television picked up an over-the-air game. I used multiple […]


Our 3-year-old headed off to preschool last week. Two things happened: 1). Our outgoing, personable son LOVED it. 2). Daddy cried after dropping him off. What can I say? I’m addicted to my kids. I’ve been fortunate to spend a great deal of time with them because I work nights, freeing up my mornings to […]

Taking a Seat with the Dads at the Round Table

Got room for one more? Thankfully, Dads Round Table is making space for an extra chair at their table and I’m honored to fill it. Here’s what you can expect to see in this space — a little bit of everything. There’ll be a few insights, some humor, a look at important and not-so-important topics […]