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Surviving Back Pain

Twenty years ago, it happened. I was in the middle of a performance of “Singin’ in the Rain” as Gene Kelly-leading man, Don Lockwood, ready to leap onto a lamppost in the rain, in my tap shoes. As I ran towards the light pole and ascended, I felt my back buckle. There was a sharp, […]

The Joys of Parenthood

Being a parent brings such joy into our lives. This week we experienced twin joys in our home and they are the types of moments that all parents live for, memorialize and give us confidence that despite the trials and tribulations of parenthood, our kids are succeeding, on the right path and meeting their milestones. […]

Smile Through the Political Bickering

If you haven’t noticed we’re a deeply divided country these days. Politics in Washington grows more and more acrimonious by the day and it seems like we are out of touch with the desires, wants and needs of people who live in the cities, states and communities near us. Heck, we seem to disagree with […]

Guys, Go To The Doctor!

Admittedly, it’s not high on anyone’s to-do list. But it seems that men have a propensity for avoiding the doctor. According to the Centers for Disease Control, women are 33 percent more likely to go to the doctor than men. Guys, let’s represent and get those numbers up! Why don’t men like to visit the […]

Good News About Youth Reading

It seems the demise of reading among our young people has been greatly exaggerated. A new survey by Scholastic and YouGov reveals that nearly 6 out of 10 children ages 6 to 17 read for fun. That’s according to an article by The Associated Press. As a reader myself and someone who works hard to […]

Democracy Through a Child’s Eyes

Like many American families, we watched the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump last week. And like many Americans, we watched the Women’s March the day after. The two events showcased the best of our democracy — our ability to chose our leaders and watch the transparency with which power and control changes hands in […]

A Science Renaissance

During freshman chemistry class in high school, I felt like I was constantly a few protons short of a nucleus. Or something like that. I’ve never been very good at science. Science challenged me because I didn’t have much of a mind for it. I remember cheating all the time on the daily quizzes on […]

We’re Disney People

We all know those parents. The ones who define their lives by some activity. We know families who are boat people. We know sports parents. We know horse riding parents. We also know church parents. These are people whose lives — and the lives of their children — tend to revolve around a a specific […]


We all want to leave our children a legacy. For some, it’s money. For others, it’s a business or property. For still others, it’s family tradition. I would love to leave my kids all of those things and more but there’s one thing, for me, that stands out above all the rest. I want to […]

2017 To-Do List

I’m a lover of lists. Grocery lists. Lists of chores. Lists of people to call. Lists of lists that I need to make. I make a new list every few days for all sorts of reasons like reminding me what needs to be done short-term, long-term and longer-term. One of the joys of my life […]