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Some days I feel like all I do is criticize my kids. “You forgot to put your breakfast plate in the sink.” “Slow down while you’re brushing your … [Read More...]

The Year of the Beard

About a year ago, I did something I've never done in my 30 years of shaving. I grew a beard. I work in a profession where beards are frowned … [Read More...]

The Sweet Spot of Life

When my grandfather was a young man -- around 23 -- he returned from World War II, got a job, got married and fathered a child. He worked a blue … [Read More...]

Take a Breather

For this blog, I want you to take off your shoes, sit cross legged on the floor with a straight back, close your eyes and relax. This is a post … [Read More...]

Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word

My wife and kids and I live in a house full of compromises. From the second we wake in the morning, compromises are being made: Who gets up … [Read More...]

Divorce in the Eyes of a Child

My parents are divorced. My wife's parents are divorced as well. Those divorces lead to some head-scratching for our kids, 6 & 4. When we say that … [Read More...]

Adventures in T-Ball

My son, 6, made history during his first t-ball game this past weekend. Nope, he didn't record the first unassisted triple play in t-ball history … [Read More...]

Who Are You?

Dads, I have a simple -- or as you might realize after reading this -- a not-so-simple question for you: Who are you? I don't mean in the … [Read More...]

Dreams of My Children

Get ready, everybody. In just a few years there's going to be a revolutionary product on the market that promises to change every facet of your life. … [Read More...]

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. My wife and kids and I were enjoying an afternoon on the patio, swimming in the pool, listening to tunes and playing. … [Read More...]

Learning Through Play

My kids hate to clean up. Take a look at their playroom and you'll see what could be the results of a mini-tornado. Stuffed animals strewn everywhere … [Read More...]

The Maintenance Habits of the 43-Year-Old Male

If I were the highlighted animal in a televised nature show, the commentary would probably go something like this: "Today we spotlight the slightly … [Read More...]

Summer Fun

My grandfather once challenged me thusly -- "If you don't have traditions in your family, make some." Pop grew up without a lot of family … [Read More...]