Client Golf

Driving west on the freeway, it soon became dusk. Headlights flicked on amongst the eastbound traffic. The sun was low. Sheepishly, I reached for my sunglasses. Between the setting sun and the headlights’ glare, my middle-aged eyes felt the strain. It had been a sunny afternoon on the golf course. Client golf. I love client […]

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This is an edited piece from another group’s prompt: “Water gives life. It also takes it away. Write a short piece – fiction or non-fiction – inspired by one or both of these statements.” So, without further ado, this is Drifting. ~~~ Drifting. Weightless. Gently undulating. The sun dimmed ever so slowly. The summer day’s brightness […]


This story was written to a prompt I issued to the writing community I spoke of in Parting Shot: You are given a unique opportunity to go back and talk to a much younger you. What would you tell them about an old flame? And better yet—why? It does get slightly graphic toward the end. […]


My wife Chris snores. Not the “isn’t she cute when she sleeps?” snores, but “truck heading up a steep road in low gear” snores. I am a light sleeper, and a picky sleeper. I like it cool, very dark, and I require a background drone. On the other hand, I can sleep anywhere, in any […]

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Parting Shot

Note from the author: Parting Shot is a short story written as a personal writing exercise. In 2011, I founded and ran a critique community for writers, but passed the site to someone else due to military obligations. I still wanted to write micro-fiction on my blog when I had time to—I enjoyed the critique and feedback. This is […]